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Meet Bessee

Domestic Short Hair-black Mix

Approx DOB: 5/09/2022
Gender: Female

Edited to add: Bessee (we've started calling her BetseeBoo and Spook) has blossomed into a beautiful sweet soul. She loves to come cuddle in the mornings, loves playing in the tub, converses with her humans, and even has interacted playfully with her canine foster brother. She is now six months old and still hoping to find her furever home! Bessee came to us undernourished and skeptical about life. She rapidly gained and found her voice. Bessee is slow to warm-up, but once she's percolating there are chirps, purrs, and hums just for her humans. She enjoys playing with her sister, foster siblings, and anything that can become a toy. The laser is her newest love. While she has a very quiet yellow lab sharing the living space she constantly exerts her "big stuff" attitude with hisses and swipes which mean nothing to the canine. :D Bessee is hoping you might be looking for a kitty like her!

Tara B was her foster parent.

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