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Meet Cheerio Speed Wagon

Pit Bull Terrier Mix

Size: Medium
Approx DOB: 7/17/2022
Gender: Male
Color: Brown with white toes
Weight: 24

Apply For Cheerio Speed Wagon

If you want a puppy who’s just so thrilled about life and the people/things in it, look no further! Cheerio is a pitbull-mix puppy who has been bottle raised since a couple days old and has blossomed into an adorable slippery little brown seal. He’s been raised in a home with other puppies, kittens, cats, a resident dog, and an assortment of humans. All of them bring him joy. As far as temperment goes, he’s the standard model with some stubbornness that can get him in timeout but 87% of the time he’s a wiggly little ball of love. I would love an adopter with experience with the breed but in terms of humans, he loves ALL of them. Cheerio is also a dogs dog!! He would really love a playmate, especially one who wants to continue to teach him manners but also wrestle the entire time he’s awake (and not eating)! And speaking of eating, baby boy LOVES food. I’ve never seen a more food motivated puppy but he needs to be reminded to take gentle bites because he just gets so excited to get it down his gullet. Cheerio knows quite a few commands already: sit, down, drop it and we are working on stay. Impulse control is the one area we are focusing on right now but I’ve already seen some improvements! Needless to say, he’s a puppy.. so he needs guidance, patience, time and love. If you think he might be the right little baby seal for you, apply today!

Michelle Y is his foster parent. The adoption fee for Cheerio Speed Wagon is $400, please complete our online application formspeak to a volunteer if you are interested in adopting Cheerio Speed Wagon. A volunteer will contact you.

All Kalamazoo Animal Rescue dogs & puppies are spayed or neutered prior to adoption. Dogs have been heartworm tested and if appropriate (age and time of year) all dogs and puppies are given heartworm preventative. All are given medication to rid them of roundworms and checked and treated for fleas & ear mites, if needed. Dogs and puppies are given distemper vaccines and depending on how long the pet has been in foster care, additional distemper vaccine(s) may be necessary and the expense will be incurred by the adopter. Any canine over 4 months of age is brought current on the Rabies vaccine. Additional vet care may have been provided depending on the particular animal's needs. Dogs are individually priced as above.

It is in the best interest of pooch and owner to enroll in an obedience class soon after adoption. After all, you have a lot to learn about your new friend. Both PetSmart and the Kalamazoo Dog Training Club offer a discount to owners with newly adopted dogs. Enroll before any behavior problems start - you won't regret it!

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