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Meet Burton

Bernese Mountain Dog

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Size: Extra-Large
Approx DOB: 2/01/2021
Gender: Male
Color: Black, Brown, White
Weight: 113.2

Burton is a 113 pound 1.5 year old pure bred Bernese Mountain Dog. He is loving, snuggly and deeply devoted once bonded. After just one week in our home he was beyond excited when we came home daily and now three weeks later he is all about the belly rubs and constantly loves on us leaving slobbery evidence behind! Initially, Burton is cautious and nervous around new people and in new situations, however over time he has accepted our entire family. His forever home will need parents who have a lot of patience and time for him to adjust and come out of his shell. Once comfortable he will literally follow you around, snuggle all day, and love all the attention and pets and is more responsive to training and new things. He has adjusted well to walking on leash with those he trusts and now enjoys exploring the neighborhood on walks. He is making good progress connecting words and behaviors including sit, outside, walk, leave it, off, let's go, potty and towel- which is helpful for wiping his face and paws when he comes in (this will come in handy on wet and then soon to be snowy days)! He is EXTREMELY bright and is very responsive to positive praise. When nervous or unsure, Burton will pace looking for comfort with those he trusts or find a safe space in the home. He is still working on socialization with people, and other dogs as well as desensitization to a variety of situations (car rides, vets appointments, pet stores, groomer, etc) He will continue to grow and flourish in a home that can provide a calm environment and a consistent schedule for feeding and walks. He is accepting of younger people easier than adults who enter the home, however would do best in a home without live-in small children. Burton was accustomed to an electric fence in his previous home and with cautious exploration over time, has now adjusted to a fenced yard.

Emily was his foster parent.

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