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Meet Snail Mail

Domestic Short Hair Mix

Approx DOB: 8/01/2022
Gender: Male

Snail Mail has been working hard on his kitten bod to be the fastest climber in the world! He's currently in peak performance but he has a strict workout routine and looking for a home that can help manage his time and training. He was named Snail Mail because Momma kitty was pregnant for what felt like forever! H'es not your average kitten, he's a cool kitten! Snail has accompanied me to visit the assisted living facility and took an epic nap with one of the residents. He wasn't even too disturbed by the foster puppies (at that time), so he would be fine with a dog who's not totally all in his business. Like most kittens, Snail's ideal life includes a furry playmate, which makes it easier for you too! A bored kitty doesn't always make the best choices. If you're interested in adopting this boy, please fill out a form today! Snail will select his family based off of best fit for his superbod needs!

Michelle Y was his foster parent.

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