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Meet Slug

Domestic Short Hair-orange Mix

Approx DOB: 8/01/2022
Gender: Male

Sluggy is a Momma's boy. And not me, his foster Momma, but his actual kitty Momma named Shenanigan! If you could find it in your heart to adopt the 2 of them together, you would make Sluggy's dreams come true! It's not mandatory, but he wanted his wishes known for potential adopters. Regardless, he's a very loving boy, a bit timid initially, but he brings his own charm to the table. He's usually odd-man out (by choice) when all his siblings are playing but he's just more of an observer, and might as well enjoy the show that's put on every day all day long! Slug is also ahead of the curve on the hottest nap spots. He finds the funniest places to snooze and his sibs take notes. He loves climbing, cat nip, milky snacks and long sunshine naps! He would make the sweetest little companion for most loving homes.

Michelle Y was his foster parent.

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