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Meet Birdie

Chocolate Labrador Retriever, Great Dane Mix

Size: Medium
Approx DOB: 3/11/2022
Gender: Female
Color: Dark brown/black
Weight: 45

Birdie is an absolute sweetheart who just wants to love and be loved--and play! She was abandoned at the rescue and has been working on gaining confidence. She has never met a stranger as far as other dogs are concerned, and LOVES playing at the dog park. She warms up to people quickly, is gentle with kids, and is equally curious about and afraid of cats. What Birdie's looking for in a human:

- Someone who loves to cuddle! She likes to be close to you and snore like a human man. She adores cozy couch and bed cuddles.

- Someone active who can play tug and take her to the dog park. She still has lots of puppy energy and amazing zoomies.

-Someone to continue teaching tricks and training! So far, she is potty trained and crate trained, and knows how to look, come, sit, and wait; she is still just a puppy and will need continuing training. She's eager to learn and food-motivated, and would thrive with someone confident and consistent.

Lauren T was her foster parent.

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