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Meet Buster


Size: Large
Approx DOB: 8/20/2022
Gender: Male

Meet Buster…. This poor boy showed up on someone’s doorstep with a collar that had multiple remnants of rope tied to it and even what looked to be an extension cord. Although he had sores, scabies and was malnourished he was just looking for a safe place and someone to love him. Buster is gaining weight every day, the sores are healing and he is learning that he is safe around people. Within the first two days of having Buster he showed us that he is super intelligent and knew many tricks. With a few treats in hand he sat, shook hands (with both paws), laid down and even spoke. Within a few more days we learned that Buster LOVES tennis balls! He loves to fetch and will bring you back his ball every time. Buster is ready to start looking for his forever home where he will feel safe, loved and have someone willing to play fetch with him daily.

Heather D was his foster parent.

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