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Meet Tux

Barn Cat
Approx DOB: 6/15/2009
Gender: Male

Tux is a large, handsome, healthy male tuxedo cat. He was found living in the woods and would approach nearby homes begging for scraps. He was thin and needed food and shelter. He was very shy but after several weeks of settling into his foster home he learned to trust his caretaker and even greets her at the door and rolls onto his back for attention. With time and patience he will learn to trust a new and special person in his life.

In his foster home, Tux has safe access to the outdoors via a cat enclosure that's attached to the screened porch. He enjoys spending most of his time outdoors in the safety of his enclosure. Amazingly, his hunting instincts are so strong that he will patiently wait for critters such as chipmunks, mice, moles and even garter snakes to enter the enclosure and he will immediately capture them.

Nancy D was his foster parent.

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