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Meet Mowgli

Domestic Short Hair-black and white, Tuxedo Mix

Approx DOB: 3/13/2014
Gender: Male

Hello! My name is Mowgli, I am a male domestic short haired cat with a silky black coat and what looks to be white shoes on my paws along with white patches scattered along my body. I am 5 years old, and weigh 12lbs. My brother Rango and I have been together since the day we were born and couldn't stand the thought of not continuing to be with one another. We are very playful and keep each other company when there are no humans to play with, but when humans are around we are very affectionate and love to snuggle. I do not like other cats and so my ideal forever home would be my brother and I. I don’t mind having a dog to play with after a “getting to know” you period. I visit the vet regularly and I am up to date on all of my vaccines. I am looking forward to finding my forever home with my brother.

Laurie Smith was his foster parent.

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