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Meet Eisenhower and Eli

Domestic Medium Hair, Tabby - white Mix
Chowhound on Westnedge
Approx DOB: 4/17/2014
Gender: Male

Double the trouble and double the love, meet Eli (grey and white) and Eisenhower (tiger and white)!

This bonded duo is looking for a home they can call their very own. Eli is confident and has no problem asking for and basking in attention. Eisenhower, while still sweet and affectionate, is just a little more reserved and will let Eli lead the way.

Meet these handsome fellas during Open Office Hours - Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 5:30pm - 7:00pm and apply to adopt them at http://www.kalamazooanimalrescue.org/pet.php?displaypet=7377&type=c.

KAR Office was his foster parent.

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