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Meet John Cougar Mellencat

Tortoiseshell, Tabby - Brown Mix
Housed at Kitty Camp
Approx DOB: 4/06/2016
Gender: Male

John was returned to KAR because he hid all of the time. It took him about one week to warm up to his foster home. There are 3 teenagers, 2 adults, 1 dog, 4 permanent cats, and the number of fosters fluctuates between 5 and 10 in this house. He took over the father responsibilities - playing and grooming - for 5 little ones that we fostered without a mom. It is adorable to watch him play with the smaller kittens. He will actually run slower when they play chase both to chase them and to be chased by them. John has claimed my wife as his person, and will meet her in the morning when she comes out of the bedroom. He will also sit in her lap in the evening. Our teenagers also get to hold him and pet him, but he is most comfortable with his foster mom. He would be wonderful for a household with older children or a couple with grown children. He would also do well in a house with another cat or with another kitten. He wants attention but is shy and often prefers to be the one to initiate contact. He tolerates pets from other humans in the household, but seems to be a one person cat. He also loves to play with feather toys. What he most needs is patience and faith from his forever home. He is a very soft, sweet little guy with the most unique and funny meow!

Jim & Teresa K. were his foster parents.

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