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Meet Coroline

Special Needs
No Kids
Size: Small
Age: Adult
Approx DOB: 8/27/2010
Gender: Female

Coroline is simply a sweetheart little female Chihuahua. She wants love and will give all of her heart to whoever adopts this dear little girl. She waits to be invited on a lap but when told it's ok to come she will dash readily to be stroked and petted.

Her father doggie is also a foster at the same home. She loves him but it doesn't seem necessary to adopt the two of them together. Coroline likes other dogs her size and enjoys a romp with one in particular.

Do come to meet her...she waits anxiously for her forever home. She will need a bit of extra care for the possibilities of mammary tumors which must be removed. Her loving nature is worth the care given her.

Dusty R was her foster parent.

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