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Meet Gomez

Domestic Short Hair-black Mix

No Dogs
Approx DOB: 1/01/2008
Gender: Male

Gomez is a super outgoing and laid back kitty. He is the best of both worlds he loves to cuddle with adults, children and cats. And he also loves to play. Gomez reminds his foster mom of a dog greeting people at the door, following her around, and coming when you call his name. Sadly Gomez tested positive for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV). FIV is highly misunderstood. A cat with FIV given regular vet care will not have their life shortened. FIV is only transmittable between cats who are mating or give each other a deep wound bite. Cats with FIV live a long healthy life in a stress free environment. Gomez is living in a house with five cats who are FIV negative. He took on a father role with two kittens. He is full of love for other cats and would not hurt a fly.

Melissa S was his foster parent.

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