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Meet Pita

Black Labrador Retriever, Shar Pei Mix

Size: Medium
Age: Senior
Approx DOB: 3/13/2003
Gender: Female

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Hi there! It's me, Pupita, your super friendly and energetic for my age girl! My foster Mom says I am 14 years young and still like to go for walks and play frisbee in the yard. I love all people and am doing great with other pets too. I am starting to have a hard time hearing everything and seeing everything but that doesn't hold me back one bit. My fosters are giving me some fancy pill to see if it will help my joints from feeling stiff when I get up from lying down. Once up, I want to go for a walk though. Can you give an old gal like me her forever home with warm blankets, walks on the beach and the chance to finally catch the bone I have been dreaming of? Please come meet me soon.



P.S. A fenced-in yard will be best for me as I am really active and may wander off.

Rebecca P is her foster parent. The adoption fee for Pita is $150, please complete our online application formspeak to a volunteer if you are interested in adopting Pita. A volunteer will contact you.

All Kalamazoo Animal Rescue dogs & puppies are spayed or neutered prior to adoption. Dogs have been heartworm tested and if appropriate (age and time of year) all dogs and puppies are given heartworm preventative. All are given medication to rid them of roundworms and checked and treated for fleas & ear mites, if needed. Dogs and puppies are given distemper vaccines and depending on how long the pet has been in foster care, additional distemper vaccine(s) may be necessary and the expense will be incurred by the adopter. Any canine over 4 months of age is brought current on the Rabies vaccine. Additional vet care may have been provided depending on the particular animal's needs. Dogs are individually priced as above.

It is in the best interest of pooch and owner to enroll in an obedience class soon after adoption. After all, you have a lot to learn about your new friend. Both PetSmart and the Kalamazoo Dog Training Club offer a discount to owners with newly adopted dogs. Enroll before any behavior problems start - you won't regret it!

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