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Meet Crowe

Domestic Medium Hair-black Mix
Special Needs
Approx DOB: 6/11/2017
Gender: Male

Crowe was found wandering the streets in the rain this spring and almost run over by .... a rescue volunteer. She brought him into rescue - he was very sick. Crowe has had a rough start in life - malnutrition, infected eyes, underweight little crying baby. Today he is all fixed up. He is SO affectionate, loving, playful and normal kitten. Crowe had an eye removed that could not be saved. His remaining eye is slightly damaged but the veterinarian thinks the vision is ok. He is currently healthy and not on any medication. He is listed as special needs in that in the future it is possible he may need attention to his remaining eye and that would be important, considering he only has one. Crowe has a lot of love to give and is still just a young boy. We are looking for someone ready to offer him safety and lifelong love including possible medical care for vision in the future. He is one of my favorite fosters.

Kyla J was his foster parent.

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