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Caring for Orphans


A kitten needs your help if the mother has died during labor, been killed or has abandoned the baby.  Sometimes kittens are handraised because the mother is feral and that is the only chance of keeping the kitten tame and adoptable.

Your job is to do the things for them that mom would have.  That means keeping them clean, warm and fed.

We realize you won't have time to look at all these links if you have a baby in your hands this moment and are trying to figure out how to keep it alive.  Some people are interested in reading as much as there is available on the topic so bear with this long list.

Links to sites that have this topic covered:
Kitten Fostering Handbook
Stages of Kitten Development - Pictures
Orphan Kitten Care FAQ
Raising Orphan Kittens - From the Feral Cat Coalition

Orphan Puppies - How to Raise Them


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