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Founded in 1991, we've been devoted to providing refuge and care to homeless, stray, and unwanted cats and dogs in Kalamazoo County and the surrounding areas. Our non-profit organization offers shelter, medical care, and a nurturing environment to these animals with one ultimate goal: finding them permanent, loving homes. We will be here until every ‘1’ has a home.

History and Milestones

KAR is Special


KAR animals are kept in foster care from intake until adoption. For the majority of our animals that time is spent within one home, where the animal can get accustomed to family life. Animals are only euthanized in cases of severe illness or aggression.


The majority of KAR animals are placed with foster families. These families are KAR volunteers who generously open their homes to animals in need. The animals are provided with a caring, nurturing atmosphere to facilitate their well-being. While in foster care, we gain an understanding of the animal's needs and their personality traits. Foster homes work with Adoption Counselours to match the animals with suitable permanent families.

KAR, since 1991

KAR is special

Adoption is a Bargain

Adoption is a bargain

How to adopt


KAR animals are provided with all necessary veterinary care. They are checked for internal parasites, flease, and ear mites, then given treatments and immunizations as required. Cats and kittens are checked for feline leukemia, dogs and puppies are checked for heartworm, and all animals are treated accordingly. All animals are spayed/neutered prior to adoption.


KAR adoption fees offset some of our veterinary expenses. In almost every case, adopting a pet from KAR is significantly less expensive than paying the equivalent for a "free" kitten or puppy yourself. It is estimated that if you got a "free" pet the health examination, spay/neuter, general tests, vaccines and worming, could cost on average up to $300.

How to Adopt

If you are interested in adopting one of KAR's foster animals, please complete click on the Adoption Application link located on their individual page.

You will be contacted within a few days via telephone and/or e-mail by an Adoption Counselor and asked a series of questions. Please be patient with us, as we are all volunteers who donate our time.

If approved for adoption, you will be invited to visit the animal at the foster home. You will have the opportunity to interact with the animal, talk with the foster parent, and mutually decide if this is the right pet for you.

Please understand that submitting an Application does not guarentee you one of our foster animals. We often recieve multiple applications for an individual animal. Our goal is to match individuals and families with the right pet for a successful adoption and a lifetime relationship.

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