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2017-07-19     Bella

Portage Animal Hospital received this lovely update from some adopters who found their sweet Bella while she was being showcased there.

    Lady Bella Chardonnay... is very happily & peacefully adjusted, it is like she has lived here 30 Years! She loves to sit on the window sills & watch the birds at the feeders & the squirrels chasing. She has a hand made basket with 2 layers of lambs wool to sleep in, which sometimes she does, but also she sleeps on various chairs as well as in bed with us.
    Bella plays with toys & paper scraps, etc. She licks our faces (with a very rough tongue!)
    She purrs & loves to be held & brushed & combed.
    She has her litter changed every morning, & 2 x daily fresh water & food, plus treats.
    She is comfortable wearing her temporary collar, & her tag with name, phone, chip ID etc is being engraved & will be ready in a couple days. Our previous cat, Mia, was born in August, so she wore a lovely necklace of faceted peridots & cubic zirconia, & this is being remade to fit for Bella, and it will have her ID tag attached. We love Bella very much & she is a wonderful joy in our home & family!

2017-05-18     Oscar

KAR volunteers work to rescue cats and dogs from numerous difficult situations. A TNR (Trap, Neuter, and Release) cat is assessed for friendly or feral behavior. A friendly kitty will be prepared for adoption; a feral cat will be treated and released in a safe area. Which would it be for Oscar?

Oscar was a frightened mess. Our foster showed up at the vet carrying him in a live trap and wearing welding gloves. However, a few days later another volunteer found she could pet his back a bit – a good sign! Need for further medicating confirmed that Oscar was just frightened, not angry, so there was hope.

When Oscar was fostered in the office, he received attention twice daily. Volunteers found they could pet him, as he began to purr and ask for belly rubs. To help him along, his original volunteer took him home. At first he hid, but after a few days he stayed out and eventually wandered around the house – on his way to being ready for adoption.

His adoptive parents love him, he loves them, and they adopted Puma, also from the rescue, to be with Oscar. Oscar and Puma are thoroughly loved and treated like kings in their castle. Oscar is now a daddy’s boy; he follows his adoptive dad around the house and prefers to sleep with dad. But he also loves his mom and waits by the door for her to get home from work so that his whole family can be together.

2017-05-17     Duke

Duke, a pitbull/terrier mix, came to Kalamazoo Animal Rescue from the local animal shelter. According to Susan C., a KAR volunteer, “He was the best foster.”

After spending some time with Susan, Duke found two wonderful adopters in Alice and Sandra. Alice says: “We adopted Duke last year from KAR, and he has been a wonderful addition to our family! The first few months after Duke (now called Panda) came home, he was very well-behaved but also reserved. It has been a joy to watch him come out of his shell as he has become more comfortable with us. Now he’s a big goof ball!

We had so much fun with Kalamazoo Dog Training Club’s obedience class that we signed up for Beginner Nosework. This was a really fun class where he learned how to find a specific odor that was hidden in various objects. Panda got the hang of it very quickly. We have continued to practice and hope to enter a competition one of these days. Recently we have taught him hide and seek – for now he only knows how to seek! He takes his job very seriously, marching around looking in all the closets and under the beds! It’s hard not to laugh and give away your position!

We couldn’t have asked for a better dog and we are so thankful to Kalamazoo Animal Rescue, in particular his foster mom, Susan, for all their help and support.”

2017-03-17     Luna

By Erica Holbert

My husband, Jimmy, and I have always talked about getting a dog but wanted to wait until renovations on our home were nearing an end. We also knew we needed to make sure we found a puppy that would mix well with our two rescued cats, Salem and Bella, and our niece and nephew, who come over frequently.

Before her adoption, Luna and her foster mom, Susan, came to my home for a visit to be sure that she would be comfortable with my home, my cats, and me. I was already in love with her after meeting her at an adoption event but I must say I was quite nervous if she would be as enamored with me as I was with her. Midway through the home visit, after looking around the house and developing a quick mutual respect with my cats, she sat on the couch with Susan and me. Before I knew it she was lying on my lap and falling asleep. It was amazing to know that my gut feeling about our future together might be mutual. Susan even commented that she’d never seen Luna do that with anyone. She lay on me while Susan and I talked until it was time for the two of them to go home.

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2017-03-17     Rusty

Rusty is a lovely pale orange boy who became a KAR rescue kitty when his owner developed a severe and debilitating allergy and reluctantly surrendered this beloved feline to find a new home. The sweet and personable little guy was obviously loved when he came into the KAR office Kitty Kamp accompanied by a special blanket, toys, a food dish, and other items that are given to a cherished pet by a loving owner. Unfortunately, poor Rusty also had a food sensitivity that had to be addressed with a special diet and he suffered from some health issues until he was provided with the correct special food while he was in KAR care. Happily, Rusty’s gastrointestinal problems were addressed and he was able to recover his health and show off his “catitude”.

Once Rusty’s health was on the mend, he became a great favorite of all his KAR caregivers. He would happily greet each person who attended his needs. My Friday morning cat care time was brightened by Rusty’s cheerful chirps of greeting and enthusiastic appetite for his special food. Once feeding was taken care of, Rusty begged for attention and did his “pattycake” routine, kneading the arm or leg of the person stroking his soft fur. Such a perfectly sweet gentleman cat was sure to find a loving home and he soon did.

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2016-12-21     Charlotte and Rose

By Ariel Berry

Charlotte and Rose (previously Snowflake and Snowball) joined our family a couple of months ago. We have been wanting a cat for years, but due to living in apartments it never worked out. Over the summer we bought a house and finally started looking for a cat.

When we met Charlotte and Rose we fell in love even though they were shy at first. Although we were originally planning to get one cat, when we saw these two we knew we couldn’t separate them. Almost as soon as we got them home they overcame their shyness and now charm us every day with their big personalities. They love our fish and our turtle, and are even learning to get along with our dog.

Charlotte insists on grooming us (and Rose!) every day to make sure we look our best and she loves to play. Lately her favorite game is playing fetch with her toys in the bathtub. When we throw a toy in she jumps in and brings it back to us!

One of Rose’s favorite activities is looking at herself in the mirror. We think she knows how pretty she is! Rose also loves to sit in our laps. When she wants attention she makes a squeaky little meow that always wins us over.

They are both looking forward to their first holiday season and the many presents we have for them. Charlotte and Rose are fantastic cats and we are lucky to be their parents. We are grateful for their amazing foster family and the people at Kalamazoo Animal Rescue who helped us find each other.

2016-12-21     Sally

Dear Santa,

This last year was really rough. I think I was nice, but since I nearly lost my life and didn’t feel like myself, I’m not sure if maybe I might have been naughty.

Still, I guess I must have been nice, because I ended up at Animal Services and then with Dusty from Kalamazoo Animal Rescue. She took me to Dickman Road Veterinary Clinic, where they kept me for eight days until I began to recover from pneumonia and act like a dog again. Knowing that Dusty is a KAR volunteer and that the rescue has limited funds, the vet clinic provided their services at a great discount. Once I made it back to Dusty, she was amazed that I was so perky and playful. They tell me that I was so bad off at the shelter that I appeared to be seven or eight years old, but the vet discovered that I am only one or two.

While I was so sick, I wished for these things:

  • A fur-ever home where I can stay and not have to hunt for shelter.
  • A couple of regular meals each day, and maybe snacks sometimes.
  • Another dog or two that I can play with and learn from.
  • A human who likes to play with me and let me dance.
  • A bed to sleep in. It doesn’t have to be a human bed, but a warm bed where I am safe and loved while I sleep.
  • A window seat to nap in and watch the people walking by.
  • Someone to take me to the vet if I feel bad again.
  • Someone who will forgive me if I have an accident while learning the ropes.
  • Someone to give me snuggles, hugs and kisses.
  • A family to call my own.
Apparently, you came early! I just found out that EVERY wish on this list has come true! I have a forever home, two sisters - Annabelle and Sandie - and a mom Julia who loves me unconditionally. That window seat was pie in the sky, but it sure feels good to lie there in the sun with my doggy friend.

For Christmas, maybe you could just bring mom Julia, sisters Annabelle and Sandie, Dusty, KAR, and that nice vet something so they know how much I appreciate them for saving my life. I have everything I could ever want!

2016-11-27     Luka and Zeb

Hi there!

I wanted to give you an update on how my beautiful little kitties are doing!

I adopted Zeb and Luka back in June when they were only two months old. Now they are about 7.5 months old and growing like crazy. I can't believe how big they are getting.

They love to play all the time, but even more they love snuggling. The majority of my days we spend cuddling together and if I'm not there, I return to them snuggling each other. There is so much love in my house. I always tear up when I look at them. They are my life!

I am so grateful I was able to adopt them. I love my babies with all of my heart!!!

- Megan

2016-11-16     Polly

Polly came to KAR about three and a half years ago and was adopted by a woman who later started having health issues and had to give Polly back as she was moving in with her daughter. Dusty, the foster volunteer who took Polly in when she was returned to KAR, knew it was difficult to give up such a sweet and loving dog but assured the owner that the rescue would find a good home for Polly – and oh how that came true! Polly had started having eye problems, although one could hardly notice them because she navigated around so well. Fortunately, Polly was adopted in September by a loving woman. Unfortunately, by this time Polly had lost her vision to cataracts. The adopter decided to pay a visit to Dr. Ramsey of the Animal Ophthalmology Center in Williamston. Dr. Ramsey had treated the adopter’s other dog, a German Shepherd named Sheba who passed away this summer.

Dr. Ramsey told the adopter that Polly is a good candidate for surgery to restore her vision, and so Polly is scheduled to have her surgery on December 6th! The adopter, Genis Bucher, says she thanks God for the ability to help this very special girl, Polly, who has won her heart.

Genis would like to remember her two beloved pets who passed this year, Sheba and Tiffany – her sweet girls whom she misses very much. Polly and Genis ask us to keep Polly in our prayers.

2016-09-21     Polly

Polly came into the rescue in May of 2015, and it took nearly a year before she was adopted into her forever and loving home. Polly was healthy, had a beautiful biography on the rescue’s website, and was still young. Perhaps the wait in a good foster home was meant to be, because she’s thoroughly cared for now in her forever home.

This Chihuahua is living the dream with her mom, Donna. They go on walks together, play hide-and-seek with her toys (and her mom’s slippers), and Polly has her very own bed with her very own blanket. She’s very patient, as she prefers to wait for invitations to sit on her mom’s lap and cuddle in bed. Polly is a wise lady who knows to stay off of the furniture unless invited, and she gladly wears her seat belt in the car.

Donna is wise too and provides Polly with obedience training. This will only help to nurture their relationship as they spend years together. Polly will be celebrating her third birthday this month knowing that she has a safe and secure future beside her mom. Check out our other patient foster pets if you would like to help a rescued cat or dog to celebrate their next birthday in the best possible place – your home.

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