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2016-11-27     Luka and Zeb

Hi there!

I wanted to give you an update on how my beautiful little kitties are doing!

I adopted Zeb and Luka back in June when they were only two months old. Now they are about 7.5 months old and growing like crazy. I can't believe how big they are getting.

They love to play all the time, but even more they love snuggling. The majority of my days we spend cuddling together and if I'm not there, I return to them snuggling each other. There is so much love in my house. I always tear up when I look at them. They are my life!

I am so grateful I was able to adopt them. I love my babies with all of my heart!!!

- Megan

2016-08-12     Tessa

Sweet little Tessa's rescue journey began last summer at the local animal shelter, then onto a KAR foster home for a month, and finally to a new forever home and happy life in sunny Naples, Florida. In honor of Tessa's one year adoption anniversary, her mom sent an update to let us know how she is doing.

"Tessa is such a joy and I wanted to send a few pics of her and her life here in Naples. She has adapted to Florida life very well. She loves to chase the geckos on our screened-in lanai and is fascinated by the pelicans when we are out boating. She especially likes being outside and going for walks so we take her everywhere we can.

I joined the Naples Botanical Garden because they are dog friendly three mornings a week. We found a wonderful resort in the Florida Keys where dogs can be off leash. Tessa couldn't believe the good forture to be able to run free! She is very obedient and never wanders away.

Tessa has finished her Canine Good Citizen training and is almost ready to take the test to become a therapy dog. We want to start visiting nursing homes and rehab centers with her.

We adore Tessa and are so thankful to have her. Thank you for trusting us with her. We can't imagine our lives without her!"

2016-07-10     Gia

Gia is doing great! She and Collin have been getting along so well! She's so affectionate and purrs all the time. My chihuahuas are still a little leery of her but she is showing them that she's the boss!

2016-06-08     Bianca


I wanted to give you an update on Bianca (formerly Callie/Kali), the cat I adopted back in April.

After a pretty rough transition from the rescue (thank you to Abbey for putting her hands at risk), Bianca has settled right in and is doing really great! She's so silly and curious, and likes to play with all her toys. She especially likes to play with her feather wand, which she'll drag across the apartment while screaming and then drop in front of me as a present. Very thoughtful.

She likes to act like she rules the place, but when I wake up in the morning or come back from work, she's so excited to see me and won't leave me alone. She's not a cuddler, but she tolerates it from me, and lets me know when she's had enough by gently raising her paw and pressing down on my hand. So ladylike!

She's hilarious and I think she likes me too. Plus, come on, look at that face! I'm so glad I drove through a snowstorm and sat in a hour-long traffic jam to adopt her. Thank you for not giving up on her and her attitude before I came along!


2016-06-07     Jack

Jack is a sweet and handsome young man -- a knockout combination. He came into the rescue in April when he was relinquished by his previous owner. His foster mom knew that Jack would be adopted quickly and he was. Today, he is living the good life with a new family and doggy pal. His mom recently sent this update to let us know how he was doing.

"Jack is doing great and has settled in with our family beautifully. In the photo he and Buster (left) just had a bath. The other photo shows where he sleeps every night -- with Ava. He has really taken a liking to her and is her protector. I just wanted to thank you for taking care of Jack during his time of transition. Bless you and hope you are doing well."

2015-12-19     Petey

R.I.P. ~ Petey Rettig-Tobochnik, 2002 - December 18, 2015

PeteyYesterday we had to euthanize our beloved Petey--a.k.a., Pete the Sweet, Peteypie, and Petes. He had a colorful life with much pain but also much love, and he cheated death several times. His early life is a mystery, but in 2013 he was found severely injured on the streets of Kalamazoo after having been hit by a car. Although he normally would have been euthanized, the Animal Control Officer was so impressed by his sweet nature even under extreme duress that she got the folks at Kalamazoo Animal Rescue involved. He was fostered by the wonderful Dusty Reeds, a true general in James Herriot's Army of Compassion,* who has fostered dozens of dogs and cats. And we adopted him in spring of 2014.

During his nearly two years with us, Petey weathered multiple ailments, two difficult surgeries, and a neuro condition that eventually immobilized him, all with incredible grace, humor, and sweetness. He loved his food--a lot--and two days before the end, could still use his outstanding foghorn bark to defend it against the predations of his opportunistic brother Billy (a.k.a., Chucklehead). But most of all Petey loved human contact, and he loved love. He was a great snuggler, a great soul, and an overall outstanding representative of the canine tribe. He will be missed.

~ Hillary Rettig and Jan Tobochnik

* "I had often thought when I encountered cruelty and neglect that there was a whole army of people who did these unspeakable things, a great, unheeding horde who never spared a thought for the feelings of the helpless creatures who depended on them. It was frightening in a way, but thank heavens there was another army ranged on the other side, an army who fought for the animals with everything they had – with their energy, their time, their money." ~ James Herriot

2015-12-10     Gizmo

Happy Holidays! I am doing really well.

Love Gizmo

2015-11-25     Aubrey and Payton

Aubrey and Payton are two kitty sisters who were born into KAR in August. The same family adopted the siblings and they sent us an update:

Aubrey is doing great and is getting along with our dogs, she is even playing with them. She is a crazy little kitty who loves to play and climb.

Miss Payton has definitely come out of her shell. It took her about two days of being timid but she is doing well now. Both girls have finally settled in.

2015-11-11     Austin

Austin was a down on his luck senior fella' that found himself homeless in August. Fortunately, his luck was about to change. A KAR volunteer brought him into the rescue and two months later, a couple from Madison Wisconsin found him online. The couple has a special love for older dogs and, in particular, the Schnauzer breed. Austin's new mom drove all the way to Kalamazoo to meet him and complete the adoption.

Austin was a great traveler on the trip to his new home. And, he gets along wonderfully with the rest of the pack, ten Schnauzer brothers and sisters. The couple has kept in touch and they tell us that Austin is doing well. "He has such a great appetite and can be quite the beggar around the dining table. He is always looking for a treat. For a 14-year old, he gallops around the backyard and will run with one or more of the other dogs. When it's time to settle down and watch TV, he likes to sit on my lap."

His new mom adds, "Austin sends you a hug and smooch. If you were here to look into his eyes, you would see that he is quite contented and is enjoying his new forever home."

2015-09-16     Parker

By Karren Jensen

When Parker was discovered as a very hungry stray and taken in from Animal Services by Kalamazoo Animal Rescue, her life changed dramatically. This petite tuxedo cat was very thin and starving both for food and for love. Miss Parker soon settled into her foster home, enjoying plenty of nutritious food and growing from thin to perfectly filled out and beautiful. Parker was friendly and affectionate, greeting her foster mom every morning and also getting along well with her feline housemates. Her favorite activity while in foster care was sitting on the kitty condo and watching the birds outside the window.

A bit of TLC was all it took to get beautiful and friendly Parker ready to look for her forever home, which happened at an adoption event where potential adopters can meet and fall in love with exceptional furry friends. That is where she met the future love of her life, adopter Terry Olson. Parker proved to be very curious, even for a cat, and was quickly renamed from Shamoo to Parker, short for Nosey Parker. Miss Parker proved her excessive curiosity at least five times in her new home, such as when she got into and fell through the drop ceiling. Terry enjoyed letting Parker adjust to his home and schedule while she settled into her special new life as Terry’s “boss”. She certainly had plenty to say when she was taken on a cross country trip to Orange, California and howled for the first 300 miles. At that point she settled into traveling and was quiet for the rest of the trip. Miss Parker has Terry wrapped around her paw but they are both very happy with this arrangement.

A few days of hiding when any scary noises were made and lots of love and patience marked Parker’s early experiences in her new home. The regular meals made this formerly starving kitty very happy but she was not shy about setting her breakfast time for 5:00 a.m., with some loud announcements that it was time to eat. She even snagged a chicken sandwich which was just too tasty to resist, but that misdemeanor was taken with good humor by her human family. Parker also enjoys a little ice cream in the evening but doesn’t overdo it so she can keep her lithe kitty figure. Terry says that Parker is truly a blessing and will have her home with him forever.

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