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Reporting Lost or Found Pets

To report a lost or found pet please contact Kalamazoo County Animal Services and Enforcement at 269-383-8775. Animal Services is the government agency, reporting to the sheriff's deparment, that is required to house lost, abandoned, or surrendered pets in Kalamazoo County. This facility is located at 2500 Lake St. near the county fairgrounds.
You can also fill out a report on the KCASE website by following this link: https://www.kalcounty.com/ac/Lost_Found_Pets.htm

If you are looking for a lost pet, please visit the Animal Services shelter. Animals in the shelter are kept for 7 days before being offered up for adoption. If you visit the shelter after you realize your pet is missing, and then go back the same day each week, you will never miss your pet, if it is turned into Animal Services.

Visiting the shelter is especially important for cats that are missing. Animal Services is forced to euthanize many wonderful and loving cats because owners never think to come to Animal Services to look for their missing cat.

If you would like to submit a lost form to KAR, please note that it will be directed to our volunteers only in an effort to verify that it is not an animal already in our care. Your information will not be posted to our website.


Not all strays are abandoned! There may be someone looking for the pet you have found. Failure to report found animals within 24 hours, or giving away a stray animal is illegal, and is considered theft. Also, you may bring the found animal to Animal Services to see if it's microchipped, or to relinquish the animal.

If you are interested in keeping the animal you have found, you still must report it to Animal Services. Call Animal Services with any questions, or for information regarding keeping or giving the animal to someone else. After doing so you may house it with you, however there are some requirements you must follow:

  1. If the animal has a collar, license, or any other evidence of ownership, you are required to notify the owner in writing and by phone. If they request the animal back you must return it to them as soon as possible.
  2. If you choose not to relinquish the animal to Animal Services, KAR, or another animal welfare agency, you must maintain the animal in your care for 30 days. The owner may reclaim the animal at any time during the holding period.
  3. Medical treatment during the holding period should only be administered to animals which are sick or injured to the extent that the holding period would cause undue suffering.
  4. Notify all animal services agencies in bordering counties and local veterinary offices that you are holding the animal.
  5. Place a free 3-day found advertisement in the Kalamazoo Gazette by calling 269-381-5100.

Kalamazoo Animal Rescue (KAR) is an all-volunteer, animal rescue agency consisting of private foster homes (not a shelter) providing limited space for housing animals. When space is available, stray, abandoned, and unwanted animals will be assessed for adoptability to be placed into foster care until permanent homes are found.

If you would like to relinquish a found animal, or your own pet, to KAR for placement into a foster home and ultimately to have it re-homed to an adoptive family please go to our INTAKE page

Thank you for contacting Kalamazoo Animal Rescue.

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