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February 28th
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Animal Spotlights

Double the Fun and Double the Love with Blanco and Whitey

Twin boys, Blanco and Whitey, were found as strays prior to entering the rescue. Both of these young felines have wonderful temperaments and really enjoy affection. They are a bonded pair and KAR is really hoping that we can find the purr-fect forever home to keep the boys together. Could it be with you?

If you would like to meet the twins, they are being showcased at Portage Animal Hospital's in-clinic adoption center. The staff there really think the boys are awesome and so handsome together! You can learn more about Blanco and Whitey on their webpages, or swing by PAH to meet them in person. You'll be glad that you did.

Earn Money for KAR When You Shop

Sign Up for an eScrip Community Card

If you shop at Harding’s Friendly Markets, with pet-friendly merchants, or dine at participating restaurants, you can earn cash for KAR. The eScrip program makes contributions to a group you designate, like KAR, at no cost to you!

Participation is easy...
  1. Pick up a personal eScrip Community Card at any Harding’s store or email KAR and we will send a card to you.
  2. Register the card by calling 1.800.931.6258 or activate the card online.
  3. During registration, select Kalamazoo Animal Rescue as a charity you want to support.
  4. If you already have an eScrip Card, you can add KAR to the charities you support.
  5. Register your grocery, retail and drug store loyalty cards as well as credit and debit cards with eScrip to earn even more money for your favorite charities.
When you go shopping...
  1. Shop using your registered credit or debit cards at any participating eScrip merchant or at the eScrip Mall including pet stores like Petco and PetSmart.
  2. Dine at participating eScrip locations.
Show your eScrip card to the cashier during checkout. Participating merchants make a donation to KAR based on everyone’s purchases and they send a donation check to the rescue four times a year. In 2014, KAR received $1,551. Your participation can help us rescue and care for even more cats and dogs in 2015!

Happy Tail ~ Coconut and Mango

This story begins when a sneaky house cat outsmarted her family and escaped through a broken door and wandered home a few days later pregnant. Then, four months ago, four bundles of joy entered the world with names just as sweet as they were: Kiwi, Peaches, Mango, and Coconut. Their lives, however, were not easy as fruit pie, and they were brought flea-ridden and ragged to their foster mother, Jenny.

While Kiwi and Peaches quickly acclimated to their new environment, Mango and Coconut did not find life as succulent. They started eating less and less after only one week in their foster home and grew smaller and weaker. Jenny got concerned for the two shrinking kittens and brought them to the vet. The vet was just as worried about tiny Mango, and kept him overnight to hand feed him. Jenny took Mango home the next day and continued to bottle-feed the sickly kittens.

Meanwhile, a young lady named Amber saw Coconut’s petite face on the KAR website and knew that this was the cat for her, but was saddened to hear that her future friend was so sick. That didn't deter Amber, and she came to visit her kitten as often as possible, cuddling with him and Mango, quickly falling in love with both brothers.

With all the love and attention they were receiving from Jenny and Amber, the brothers slowly but surely began to get better, first eating more, and then gaining weight like their other siblings. Soon, the two were rolling around and playing like healthy, happy brothers.

As soon as they were well enough, Amber signed the papers to adopt both Mango and Coconut and took them home with her. Now, the two are sweet as can be. Their favorite place to be is on Amber's shoulders like little ripe fruits waiting to be picked.

Amber says, “Mango is not afraid of anything, and his brother follows his lead.” The two live happily, reveling in the sweetness of a loving home.

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