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Happy Tail ~ Luna

By Erica Holbert

My husband, Jimmy, and I have always talked about getting a dog but wanted to wait until renovations on our home were nearing an end. We also knew we needed to make sure we found a puppy that would mix well with our two rescued cats, Salem and Bella, and our niece and nephew, who come over frequently.

Before her adoption, Luna and her foster mom, Susan, came to my home for a visit to be sure that she would be comfortable with my home, my cats, and me. I was already in love with her after meeting her at an adoption event but I must say I was quite nervous if she would be as enamored with me as I was with her. Midway through the home visit, after looking around the house and developing a quick mutual respect with my cats, she sat on the couch with Susan and me. Before I knew it she was lying on my lap and falling asleep. It was amazing to know that my gut feeling about our future together might be mutual. Susan even commented that she’d never seen Luna do that with anyone. She lay on me while Susan and I talked until it was time for the two of them to go home.

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Happy Tail ~ Rusty

Rusty is a lovely pale orange boy who became a KAR rescue kitty when his owner developed a severe and debilitating allergy and reluctantly surrendered this beloved feline to find a new home. The sweet and personable little guy was obviously loved when he came into the KAR office Kitty Kamp accompanied by a special blanket, toys, a food dish, and other items that are given to a cherished pet by a loving owner. Unfortunately, poor Rusty also had a food sensitivity that had to be addressed with a special diet and he suffered from some health issues until he was provided with the correct special food while he was in KAR care. Happily, Rusty’s gastrointestinal problems were addressed and he was able to recover his health and show off his “catitude”.

Once Rusty’s health was on the mend, he became a great favorite of all his KAR caregivers. He would happily greet each person who attended his needs. My Friday morning cat care time was brightened by Rusty’s cheerful chirps of greeting and enthusiastic appetite for his special food. Once feeding was taken care of, Rusty begged for attention and did his “pattycake” routine, kneading the arm or leg of the person stroking his soft fur. Such a perfectly sweet gentleman cat was sure to find a loving home and he soon did.

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Dusty Reeds Animal Rescue and Welfare Fund

Thanks to anonymous donors, Kalamazoo Animal Rescue will forever benefit from the establishment of a new endowment fund, the Dusty Reeds Animal Rescue and Welfare Fund, which has been established at the Kalamazoo Community Foundation. This endowed fund was created by donors who are strongly committed to the work of Kalamazoo Animal Rescue. Their wish is to provide ongoing support for the organization, and they chose to honor the dedication of long time volunteer Dusty Reeds with their gift.

The outstanding commitment of Dusty Reeds to the organization has been inspirational. Anyone may make a gift to the fund; as the fund grows through contributions from the community the annual support for KAR will grow as well. Donors may send contributions directly to Kalamazoo Community Foundation, 402 E. Michigan Ave, Kalamazoo 49007. Checks should be made out to Kalamazoo Community Foundation, with Dusty Reeds Fund written on the memo line. Donors may also go to www.kalfound.org to make an online gift or call the Foundation staff at 381-4416 to make a gift over the phone.

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