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Happy Tail ~ Elsa

By Caitlyn Bodine

While weighing the pros and cons of two final contenders in my search for a kitty companion, I asked for a sign to help me choose. Shortly thereafter, I arrived at the home of one of my piano students for her weekly lesson—a house filled with three little girls under the age of seven, and obviously complete with an assortment of Disney princess paraphernalia. I knew my student, Lauren, would be delighted to hear that I was going to get a cat, and even more delighted to find out one of the two kitties’ names was Elsa. When I mentioned the cat’s name, the girls and their mom looked at me surprised. “Wait, is she in Kalamazoo Animal Rescue?” Lauren’s mom, Kendra, asked. I responded that she was, now also intrigued. “Well, I’m sure there are lots of cats named Elsa,” she continued. I replied that there weren’t (and I knew because by that point, I’d memorized all the cats’ profiles).

Kendra told me the story of a very sweet and beautiful cat that had appeared on her mom’s porch in the fall while the home next door was under construction. Lauren’s grandma had fed her, loved on her, made a little bed for her in their garage, and let the girls pet and play with her every time they went over to grandma’s house to visit. Because Lauren’s grandparents had dogs, they weren’t able to bring the cat indoors, and when that early November snowstorm threatened, they realized this would probably be the first time this sweet cat would be exposed to the elements. The owners of the house under construction asked work colleagues if they could help this kitty and Tracey volunteered to foster her through KAR. Before kitty was taken to her foster home all the family collaborated to come up with her name—Elsa, the frozen kitty. She was warm and loved and cared for in her foster home, but still waited for her forever home. Lauren and her family checked the website regularly and had been discouraged to see the weeks go by without Elsa being adopted.

Could it be the same cat? Among all the rescued cats in Kalamazoo, surely it was not possible. But when Kendra scrolled through photos on her phone of the girls playing with the beautiful snowy kitty outside their grandma’s house, it was the same Elsa. “Get Elsa, Miss Caitlyn. Now we’ll get to know what happened to her!” Lauren squealed.

How could I not, with a sign as clear as that? And so my new roommate, Elsa, the Snow Queen, moved in a few months ago, and has been getting used to her home with me. She spends her days regally watching the birds from her window sill “throne,” and graciously hops down to greet all our visitors at the door, purring immediately when anyone stoops to stroke her. She follows me from room to room, supervising all my activities, brainstorming how to handle those pesky squirrels that seem to have no sense of propriety or decorum, and altogether living the life of luxury that she was meant to live all along!

Bottle Babies

It's kitten season and KAR foster volunteers are busy caring for unweaned, orphaned kittens. We refer to these little treasures as Bottle Babies and the TLC they receive in their first few weeks is crucial to them being able to live full and happy lives. Without the dedication of our foster volunteers, these kittens might have died or been euthanized. Kalamazoo Animal Rescue is truly grateful to our volunteers, and to the donors who support our efforts and enable us to save these precious little lives.

If you should ever find yourself serving as caregiver for unweaned kittens, our guidelines provide some basic information to help you. The first three topics: warmth, feeding and hygiene are the most important.

Many of our kittens will soon be available to go to new homes. Keep watch on our website for their debuts.

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