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Adopted Faces of 2014

As the year draws to a close, 295 cats and 100 dogs have found forever homes. Our special year end video showcases some of the adorable animals helped by Kalamazoo Animal Rescue this year. All of us at KAR wish you and your beloved pets a safe and joyful Holiday Season!

Happy Tail ~ Casey

At the beginning of September I (Danielle) visited the local shelter to see which dogs could be brought into the rescue. Along with many others, a little lady named Casey caught my eye. She sat quietly in her kennel, afraid but friendly and desperate to get out. The staff had given her a little blanket. Casey had been at Animal Services for over a month and they estimated she was around eight-years old. She had been found running in a field as a stray. As Casey sat up you could see a huge mass on her belly. I suspected a mammary tumor. Knowing her condition and age, I knew KAR was her only chance at survival. Shaking and nervous she was led from her kennel and after a short evaluation she came home with me.

Casey has thrived in her foster home. Initially she had to fight a nasty upper respiratory infection and internal parasites (worms), but she proved to us all there was a lot more life left in this little girl. Being an older pet, we weren't sure how she would handle the noise and commotion of a busy household but she has coped marvelously--living with cats, dogs and young children--we have yet to meet a person or pet she does not adore.

In mid-October, Casey underwent surgery to both spay her and remove the tumor masses. Unfortunately we will not cure her of the disease but she is much more comfortable! After being posted on the KAR website for half a day, this little girl was snapped up by a young couple who live in Chicago. They love adopting older dogs with special needs and she will join two other canine pals in early November.

My family will miss her desperately. She loves the kids almost as much as they love her, but we are excited for her new life with her new family. This little dog, riddled with cancer, advanced in years and forgotten now has a much deserved chance for a proper dogs life!

Happy Tail ~ Trigger

Trigger is a fun-loving, five-year-old feline who loves hanging out, playing with other cats, and running all over the house having a good ol' time. He found his forever home in June 2014, and knew right away that it was the place for him. Trigger settled in quickly and took to his humans companions right away--licking his new dad's nose within hours of his arrival.

Trigger is a domestic long haired orange cat with a very friendly attitude, and a little bit of a "motor mouth" according to his adopter, "He's always purring." He also enjoys gazing out on the lake behind his home, watching the birds and the beautiful summer weather.

Check out KAR's tips on how to successfully introduce a resident cat to a new cat. In the first photo, Trigger is on the ground, playing with one of his housemates.

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