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These cats will be waiting to see you!

Happy Tail ~ Macy June (formerly Juniper)

"Macy June replaced our missing heart WE CANT THANK YOU ENOUGH."

"She is such a lover,she loves the cats and protects them and her momma, she loves to give kisses on the lips, yucky poo but you cant help but not to love her so much we are so happy with her it took along time to potty train her but now wakes us up to go, we are proud parents"

"She is a happy girl for sure and full of kisses and hugs"

Happy Tail ~ Alice and Spencer

Alice Puff and Spencer Cheese have brought such joy to our lives. What funny, playful, smart, purring, curious, cuddly, sweet and soft additions to our home! Alice and Spence greet us at the door when we come home. They cuddle with us at night and make us laugh constantly with their crazy antics and total lack of fear. Alice, the Floofy Princess (with a tiny sweet meow when she wants something) is hilariously (dare I say demandingly) affectionate and wakes my daughter up every morning for school, marching back and forth over her purring loudly. Spencer, an elite athlete, perches on the highest point in every room, helps himself to every beverage, and is pretty sure he’d like to take a shower. The kitties’ very presence lowers the collective family blood pressure. I am pretty sure that when my son is away for college he misses the “kits” as much as he misses the humans. Every single day, Alice and Spencer remind us that life is good. We are so happy they joined our family!

Happy Tail ~ Etta (formerly Lucy)

"She is the best snuggler I have ever met. Her barking is WAY better too and she has calmed down a lot!

Obedience and agility and having a 1 acre fenced back yard to play in have helped a lot!"

Happy Tail ~ Lance

" He goes to bed now with Payden and after Payden falls asleep he curls up under the bed. 5 o'clock am rolls around and he jumps on me to wake up and play with him. He and Luna are playing chase off and on so their relationship is coming along slowly but surely "

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