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July 29th
11:00am - 2:00pm
West Main
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July 29th
12:00pm - 3:00pm
401 S. Riverview Dr. Puppy Love: Dog & Cat Adoptions
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Happy Tail ~ Bella

Portage Animal Hospital received this lovely update from some adopters who found their sweet Bella while she was being showcased there.

    Lady Bella Chardonnay... is very happily & peacefully adjusted, it is like she has lived here 30 Years! She loves to sit on the window sills & watch the birds at the feeders & the squirrels chasing. She has a hand made basket with 2 layers of lambs wool to sleep in, which sometimes she does, but also she sleeps on various chairs as well as in bed with us.
    Bella plays with toys & paper scraps, etc. She licks our faces (with a very rough tongue!)
    She purrs & loves to be held & brushed & combed.
    She has her litter changed every morning, & 2 x daily fresh water & food, plus treats.
    She is comfortable wearing her temporary collar, & her tag with name, phone, chip ID etc is being engraved & will be ready in a couple days. Our previous cat, Mia, was born in August, so she wore a lovely necklace of faceted peridots & cubic zirconia, & this is being remade to fit for Bella, and it will have her ID tag attached. We love Bella very much & she is a wonderful joy in our home & family!

Dusty Reeds Animal Rescue and Welfare Fund

Thanks to anonymous donors, Kalamazoo Animal Rescue will forever benefit from the establishment of a new endowment fund, the Dusty Reeds Animal Rescue and Welfare Fund, which has been established at the Kalamazoo Community Foundation. This endowed fund was created by donors who are strongly committed to the work of Kalamazoo Animal Rescue. Their wish is to provide ongoing support for the organization, and they chose to honor the dedication of long time volunteer Dusty Reeds with their gift.

The outstanding commitment of Dusty Reeds to the organization has been inspirational. Anyone may make a gift to the fund; as the fund grows through contributions from the community the annual support for KAR will grow as well. Donors may send contributions directly to Kalamazoo Community Foundation, 402 E. Michigan Ave, Kalamazoo 49007. Checks should be made out to Kalamazoo Community Foundation, with Dusty Reeds Fund written on the memo line. Donors may also go to www.kalfound.org to make an online gift or call the Foundation staff at 381-4416 to make a gift over the phone.

Adoption Office Hours

We are now offering open office hours for adoptions on Monday and Wednesday from 5:30-7:00pm

Our office is at 2938 Business One USA (Google Maps)

All these pets will be waiting to see you!

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