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Happy Tail ~ Chester and Stinky

Hereís a truly happy story, from my friend Tracy D:

ďLast November, our cat, whom we had rescued in the blizzard of 2011, developed a droopy mouth. We took him to the vet expecting some normal dental work; only to find out he had mouth cancer. Two days before Christmas we had to euthanize him. While others suggested adopting another kitty, we felt too devastated to accept anyone new that soon. But, in the short weeks that followed, the emptiness was too much to bear, so we needed to look into saving another life in the hopes of re-fulfilling our own.

Since the cat we had just lost had actually rescued us, we decided to do the same for a couple of new guys. We turned to Kalamazoo Animal Rescue, and through them we have adopted two new babies, Stinky (poor guy named himself, having intestinal issues as a baby), and Chester. Although we are reminded every day of our old buddy, we are forever grateful for our two new guys. They have filled our lives with so much love and laughter, and in the process have helped soften the blow from our loss.

ďI have nothing but great things to say about KAR! As a devout animal lover Iím glad that they try not to turn away or put down any animal. If I had the resources, I would save and house every feline that I could (several dogs as well!). So I am grateful that these folks are doing what I canít. Iíll always recommend them and, when the sad day comes when we are once again in the need of new family members, KAR will be the first place we look!Ē

Dusty Reeds Animal Rescue and Welfare Fund

Thanks to anonymous donors, Kalamazoo Animal Rescue will forever benefit from the establishment of a new endowment fund, the Dusty Reeds Animal Rescue and Welfare Fund, which has been established at the Kalamazoo Community Foundation. This endowed fund was created by donors who are strongly committed to the work of Kalamazoo Animal Rescue. Their wish is to provide ongoing support for the organization, and they chose to honor the dedication of long time volunteer Dusty Reeds with their gift.

The outstanding commitment of Dusty Reeds to the organization has been inspirational. Anyone may make a gift to the fund; as the fund grows through contributions from the community the annual support for KAR will grow as well. Donors may send contributions directly to Kalamazoo Community Foundation, 402 E. Michigan Ave, Kalamazoo 49007. Checks should be made out to Kalamazoo Community Foundation, with Dusty Reeds Fund written on the memo line. Donors may also go to www.kalfound.org to make an online gift or call the Foundation staff at 381-4416 to make a gift over the phone.

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We are now offering open office hours for adoptions on Monday and Wednesday from 5:30-7:00pm

Our office is at 2938 Business One USA (Google Maps)

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