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KAR Dogs Enjoying their Golden Years

Some of the dogs adopted from KAR aren't young pups any more, but that doesn't mean they have any less love to give. Here's an update on four senior dogs who have found their forever homes after long, eventful lives.

Billy went to his forever home in October 2013. He is doing well and lives with another senior doggy pal, Petey. Billy, a black Pomeranian, is deaf, but has no problem getting along with Petey and the people who share his home. He loves going for car rides and walks, but is just as comfortable inside, relaxing and cuddling on the couch.

Petey is a grey-and-black poodle that had been hit by a car prior to coming into KAR. He spent quite a bit of time recovering from some difficult medical issues, including hip surgery and a dental cleaning in 2013, and then later a bout of Lyme disease. But despite all those treatments it didn't get Petey down. He was adopted in February 2014 and is still active and enjoys playing with Billy.

Petey likes attention--a lot of doting and petting several times a day, if he can. But he doesn't keep the attention all to himself. After he gets a few minutes of TLC, he'll sometimes dance around, or even offer a kiss.

Spunky is a friendly, older dog too. He was adopted in May 2014 and his new family says he still loves to eat and investigate his surroundings. The old fella has a little trouble finding his way around the yard--at least until he sees a person. Then, he'll run right up and follow them back into the house. His family catches a glimpse of the “spunky” now and then, “He gets excited at food time and tries to do a sideways prance thing. All in all for a nearly 16-year old, one-eyed dog, he is doing awesome.”

Cloverlily has been with her forever family since July 2013. Her family just adores her and they purchased a “mobile mall pimper” to help their little lady get around town when they go for walks. Cloverlily can ride in the pink stroller, an ideal place for her to rest or nap while her owner the other dogs, Maui and Zippy, get some exercise.

Happy Tail ~ Pepper

Pepper was a two-time visitor to our rescue; our volunteers were glad to see her and to help her find a forever home for good. Her first family took her home in 2005, just six months after she was born, and even then we could see she was sweet and welcoming, once she was comfortable. Pepper is a tabby with soft white, black and brown fur. She likes being the center of attention—if there's a lap to lay on, she'll be there! She loves having her tummy rubbed too.

Pepper was with her first family for eight years. Their circumstances changed and she came back to KAR in December 2013. She wasn't here for long, just three months before she found a new place to call home. It was a big adjustment for Pepper, after spending so long in the first home, but her new adopter confirms, "Things are going very well."

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