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Happy Tail ~ Baby

By Karren Jensen

How does a beautiful and loving cat end up homeless? That is a question we ask ourselves often at Kalamazoo Animal Rescue and there are many routes to this sad condition. For a dark silver gray lady with expressive green eyes, the history of her past life is a mystery. When she was taken in by Kalamazoo County Animal Services, Silvia’s adorable and engaging personality emerged in a way that got the attention of all of the shelter workers. This special lady became a great favorite but adult cats, no matter how delightful, are often overlooked by potential adopters who only want to look at kittens. Silvia had been at Animal Services for a couple of months when KAR volunteer Gail came to pick up cats and give them a chance at finding a new home. As Gail surveyed the available felines, Silvia made eye contact, rather flirtatiously, in an effort to be noticed. Gail responded to those pleading and friendly eyes by bringing Silvia into the rescue.

Once in KAR, Silvia again became a great favorite of her caretakers. She always greeted the volunteers with a friendly purr and begged for petting from whoever was nearby. A sweet and beautiful cat like that couldn’t remain in our care for long and she didn’t. Silvia became one of the cats who went to Portage Animal Hospital (PAH) to be on display in their waiting room where many potential adopters could visit her. Within a few days of Silvia’s arrival at PAH, she caught adopter Kathy’s eye. Kathy renamed her “Baby” and reports that she is a cherished part of her family. Precious Baby is delighted to be in her new home and she loves to talk to her mom, reminding her that playing with the kitty is a very important priority. Baby’s other favorite activities include belly rubs, snuggling and having her luxuriant fur brushed to keep her in perfect condition.

Baby’s story shows how important it is to give adult animals a second chance. These loving pets will repay you over and over with unconditional love and sweet companionship. Our partners at Portage Animal Hospital have helped create happy endings for many homeless cats like Baby, letting adopters meet and fall in love with these wonderful furry friends. We at Kalamazoo Animal Rescue are thrilled to be able to make these connections so that deserving pets are able to bless a new family with the love they are so happy to give.

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Happy Tail ~ Earnest

A wee five-month-old kitten came into KAR in September 2014 and his name was Little. His foster mom, Dusty, thought he was the friendliest, nicest and sweetest little kitty she had ever had. He liked being held and loved spending time in her lap. Dusty knew it wouldn't be long before Little found the purr-fect forever home.

The Gillettes have adopted three dogs from Dusty in the 19 years she has been a volunteer with KAR. When they lost their last KAR dog to old age, Fred decided he wanted a cat--a very friendly one who would sit on his lap. According to Dusty, "It was the perfect time because I had Little as a foster and thought these two would be great for each other."

The Gillettes proceeded to adopt Little in early October. He was renamed Earnest, from the Oscar Wilde play, The Importance of Being Earnest. The couple also has a little dog named Algernon from the same source.

As you can see from the photo, Earnest is a lap cat and Fred's dream of having a friendly cat has come true. The other part of this happy ever after is that Earnest and Algie get along beautifully and have become best pals.

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