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Mom and Puppy Naming Fundraiser

Mom and puppiesRecently, Van Buren County Animal Control contacted KAR when a female Black Lab mix gave birth to ten puppies in their shelter. One of our amazing foster volunteers stepped up and brought the canine family into her home. With so many mouths to feed and upcoming vet care, KAR needs your help! So we’re having a naming fundraiser with three special sponsorship levels:

$50 ~ Name That Puppy Package (up to 6 spots available)
$250 ~ Spay/Neuter Package (3 spots available)
$750 ~ Premium Package (2 spots available)

Details for each sponsorship level are available here. In appreciation for your generous donation, you also receive the opportunity to name mom or a puppy, and you receive some other special perks too. There are seven male pups and three female pups so act FAST to give them a new name!

Purchase your sponsorship here!

Dinner Auction 2015

Save the date! Our annual dinner auction will be on Sunday, November 8th. Click here for more information, or call 269.207.2436 to make your reservations.

Happy Tail ~ Parker

By Karren Jensen

When Parker was discovered as a very hungry stray and taken in from Animal Services by Kalamazoo Animal Rescue, her life changed dramatically. This petite tuxedo cat was very thin and starving both for food and for love. Miss Parker soon settled into her foster home, enjoying plenty of nutritious food and growing from thin to perfectly filled out and beautiful. Parker was friendly and affectionate, greeting her foster mom every morning and also getting along well with her feline housemates. Her favorite activity while in foster care was sitting on the kitty condo and watching the birds outside the window.

A bit of TLC was all it took to get beautiful and friendly Parker ready to look for her forever home, which happened at an adoption event where potential adopters can meet and fall in love with exceptional furry friends. That is where she met the future love of her life, adopter Terry Olson. Parker proved to be very curious, even for a cat, and was quickly renamed from Shamoo to Parker, short for Nosey Parker. Miss Parker proved her excessive curiosity at least five times in her new home, such as when she got into and fell through the drop ceiling. Terry enjoyed letting Parker adjust to his home and schedule while she settled into her special new life as Terry’s “boss”. She certainly had plenty to say when she was taken on a cross country trip to Orange, California and howled for the first 300 miles. At that point she settled into traveling and was quiet for the rest of the trip. Miss Parker has Terry wrapped around her paw but they are both very happy with this arrangement.

A few days of hiding when any scary noises were made and lots of love and patience marked Parker’s early experiences in her new home. The regular meals made this formerly starving kitty very happy but she was not shy about setting her breakfast time for 5:00 a.m., with some loud announcements that it was time to eat. She even snagged a chicken sandwich which was just too tasty to resist, but that misdemeanor was taken with good humor by her human family. Parker also enjoys a little ice cream in the evening but doesn’t overdo it so she can keep her lithe kitty figure. Terry says that Parker is truly a blessing and will have her home with him forever.

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