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Happy Tail ~ Earnest

A wee five-month-old kitten came into KAR in September 2014 and his name was Little. His foster mom, Dusty, thought he was the friendliest, nicest and sweetest little kitty she had ever had. He liked being held and loved spending time in her lap. Dusty knew it wouldn't be long before Little found the purr-fect forever home.

The Gillettes have adopted three dogs from Dusty in the 19 years she has been a volunteer with KAR. When they lost their last KAR dog to old age, Fred decided he wanted a cat--a very friendly one who would sit on his lap. According to Dusty, "It was the perfect time because I had Little as a foster and thought these two would be great for each other."

The Gillettes proceeded to adopt Little in early October. He was renamed Earnest, from the Oscar Wilde play, The Importance of Being Earnest. The couple also has a little dog named Algernon from the same source.

As you can see from the photo, Earnest is a lap cat and Fred's dream of having a friendly cat has come true. The other part of this happy ever after is that Earnest and Algie get along beautifully and have become best pals.

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Happy Tail ~ Whitney

By Emily Pizza

Whitney, a little white Chihuahua puppy, was shocked when the only person he had known his whole life dropped him off in an unknown place filled with lots of loud dogs. Scared and lonely, this little pup found himself in the care of the Kalamazoo Animal Rescue, where he waited for his forever home.

Little did he know, that an hour and a half away, his forever family was looking for him too. After the passing of their own beloved Chihuahua, Kiersten and her partner were searching Petfinder™ for their next companion. After months of no luck, the two turned to KAR, where they saw a photo of Whitney and “it was love at first sight.”

As soon as Whitney’s paws hit the ground in his new home, he pranced around in the grass with a grin on his face. Kiersten said that it seemed like it was the first time he had ever been running around in a yard. Although she was concerned with how he would adjust to their other dog, Oliver, the two bonded so quickly the worry was erased in seconds.

Now, Whitney responds to Poncho, and his nickname of short stack. When he wants attention from his owners, he snorts at them to pick him up, and he loves to snuggle up with his family. His yard is still one of his favorite places, and he spends most of it running around with his best friend, Oliver, and chasing all the birds that fly by.

The little Chihuahua did not start off on the best paw, but now he’s living the high life, making his parents smile every day, and he wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

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