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Happy Tail ~ Rusty

Rusty was a young dog with boundless energy and a heart full of love to share. With all of this canine goodwill and the best intentions, poor Rusty was just not appreciated. Instead of living up to his mission to be someone’s best buddy, he found himself in KAR foster care with Dusty when his family relinquished him. Rusty’s name was “Cutter” when he came into the rescue, but Dusty saw his potential to be a best friend to some lucky new family and renamed him “Buddy”.

Dusty took good care of Buddy while he waited for his forever home. When he was adopted, his new family named him “Rusty” and the young dog landed in doggy heaven. He has another dog to play with, cats to bark at (the cats don’t seem to mind), and best of all there are three lively kids to share his adventures. Showered with love and giving his whole heart in return, Rusty is one happy and fulfilled pup!

Dogs like Rusty wouldn’t get a second chance if not for dedicated foster parents like Dusty. Rusty’s new mom, shared a poem expressing the joy and sorrow shared by all pet foster parents.

Adopted Faces of 2014

Happy Tail ~ Leon

Leon is doing well. He made himself right at home within a few hours. He loves to sleep with us at night...he loves to snuggle. Leon always has to be close to your face or neck when he lays with you. He's a real sweetheart and we're very happy with him. ~ Chris

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