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Happy Tail ~ Oscar

KAR volunteers work to rescue cats and dogs from numerous difficult situations. A TNR (Trap, Neuter, and Release) cat is assessed for friendly or feral behavior. A friendly kitty will be prepared for adoption; a feral cat will be treated and released in a safe area. Which would it be for Oscar?

Oscar was a frightened mess. Our foster showed up at the vet carrying him in a live trap and wearing welding gloves. However, a few days later another volunteer found she could pet his back a bit – a good sign! Need for further medicating confirmed that Oscar was just frightened, not angry, so there was hope.

When Oscar was fostered in the office, he received attention twice daily. Volunteers found they could pet him, as he began to purr and ask for belly rubs. To help him along, his original volunteer took him home. At first he hid, but after a few days he stayed out and eventually wandered around the house – on his way to being ready for adoption.

His adoptive parents love him, he loves them, and they adopted Puma, also from the rescue, to be with Oscar. Oscar and Puma are thoroughly loved and treated like kings in their castle. Oscar is now a daddy’s boy; he follows his adoptive dad around the house and prefers to sleep with dad. But he also loves his mom and waits by the door for her to get home from work so that his whole family can be together.

Happy Tail ~ Duke

Duke, a pitbull/terrier mix, came to Kalamazoo Animal Rescue from the local animal shelter. According to Susan C., a KAR volunteer, “He was the best foster.”

After spending some time with Susan, Duke found two wonderful adopters in Alice and Sandra. Alice says: “We adopted Duke last year from KAR, and he has been a wonderful addition to our family! The first few months after Duke (now called Panda) came home, he was very well-behaved but also reserved. It has been a joy to watch him come out of his shell as he has become more comfortable with us. Now he’s a big goof ball!

We had so much fun with Kalamazoo Dog Training Club’s obedience class that we signed up for Beginner Nosework. This was a really fun class where he learned how to find a specific odor that was hidden in various objects. Panda got the hang of it very quickly. We have continued to practice and hope to enter a competition one of these days. Recently we have taught him hide and seek – for now he only knows how to seek! He takes his job very seriously, marching around looking in all the closets and under the beds! It’s hard not to laugh and give away your position!

We couldn’t have asked for a better dog and we are so thankful to Kalamazoo Animal Rescue, in particular his foster mom, Susan, for all their help and support.”

Dusty Reeds Animal Rescue and Welfare Fund

Thanks to anonymous donors, Kalamazoo Animal Rescue will forever benefit from the establishment of a new endowment fund, the Dusty Reeds Animal Rescue and Welfare Fund, which has been established at the Kalamazoo Community Foundation. This endowed fund was created by donors who are strongly committed to the work of Kalamazoo Animal Rescue. Their wish is to provide ongoing support for the organization, and they chose to honor the dedication of long time volunteer Dusty Reeds with their gift.

The outstanding commitment of Dusty Reeds to the organization has been inspirational. Anyone may make a gift to the fund; as the fund grows through contributions from the community the annual support for KAR will grow as well. Donors may send contributions directly to Kalamazoo Community Foundation, 402 E. Michigan Ave, Kalamazoo 49007. Checks should be made out to Kalamazoo Community Foundation, with Dusty Reeds Fund written on the memo line. Donors may also go to www.kalfound.org to make an online gift or call the Foundation staff at 381-4416 to make a gift over the phone.

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We are now offering open office hours for adoptions on Monday and Wednesday from 5:30-7:00pm

Our office is at 2938 Business One USA (Google Maps)

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