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Happy Tail ~ Derby

By Kim Bourner

It’s so important to make a plan for your pets in your will. Derby is an example of what can happen when pets are not included in the will to ensure their future care. Fortunately, Derby’s tale has a happy ending, but it was almost not so.

Derby ended up at the local animal shelter when her owner passed away and no relatives were able to take care of her. Fortunately for her, the folks at Animal Services knew Derby was special and stepped in to help save her. A call was made to the rescue, and she was brought in so that we could take the time to find her a fitting forever home.

Derby was adopted by a loving family where she has settled in nicely. She has parents who fenced in a yard for her, where she safely watches birds and squirrels. Derby also enjoys the long walks they take together. Her parents even installed a dog door for her to get into the fenced yard--which she has recently learned how to use. They found a jacket for her so she doesn’t get wet on walks. However, if she does get wet, she is toweled off and thinks it’s a great time for snuggling.

At a veterinarian visit after her adoption, the vet was impressed by her health and spunk for her age. She has had her teeth cleaned, which is not only an improvement for breath and shows off the pearly whites, but good for her heart and overall health.

Derby is now one well-loved dog who has found her forever home. Her new human sister stops by more often to visit, just to have time with the new family pooch. And although Derby’s human brother says she’s too small to be a real dog, even he is falling in love with her. Her family often ask themselves, “Who rescued who?” She is a blessing to her new family, and her new family is a blessing unto her.

Bottle Babies

It's kitten season and KAR foster volunteers are busy caring for unweaned, orphaned kittens. We refer to these little treasures as Bottle Babies and the TLC they receive in their first few weeks is crucial to them being able to live full and happy lives. Without the dedication of our foster volunteers, these kittens might have died or been euthanized. Kalamazoo Animal Rescue is truly grateful to our volunteers, and to the donors who support our efforts and enable us to save these precious little lives.

If you should ever find yourself serving as caregiver for unweaned kittens, our guidelines provide some basic information to help you. The first three topics: warmth, feeding and hygiene are the most important.

Many of our kittens will soon be available to go to new homes. Keep watch on our website for their debuts.

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