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Our August Newsletter is Here!

Check out the latest issue of KAR Friends with many reading suggestions for animal lovers. If you enjoy stories about dogs or cats, fiction or non-fiction, then we have something for your reading enjoyment. Likely your furry friends have been enjoying their naps in the sunshine and may be cuddling up alongside you while you read.

Happy Tail ~ Oliver

Oliver was adopted from KAR in October 2013 after he was seen at a PetSmart adoption event. See his first update here, just after getting to his new home.

His adopter sent us this recent update:

"It has been pretty close to a year since adopting Oliver (formerly Icarus). Yesterday was his first birthday! I bought him a special treat, and a catnip ball which he loved! He is such a perfect little kitty, very well behaved and such a lover. He is a wonderful cuddler, and has a ton of energy! I absolutely adore him. He has stolen my heart and cannot wait to have him as my companion for years and years to come."


Happy Tail ~ Mouche

Mouche “Mouche” is a word for facial hair grown under the lower lip; you may also know it by the term “soul patch.” More importantly, Mouche is the name of a foster cat who found a forever home in December 2013. And yes, Mouche has a mouche--a spot of black fur directly under his lip, perfectly balanced by the black fur around his eyes.

Mouche was named Gizmo while in KAR. He came into the rescue when his original owner's allergies to cats became too much to handle. While he was in a foster home, he became fast friends with another rescued kitten, Clyde. Now that he's in his forever home, Mouche was just as quick to seek out other companions, like his new owner.

Mouche is a big eater and a fun-loving guy. He'll retrieve rubber bands that are fired across the room, and he enjoys one-on-one attention. According to his adopter, “He lets me carry him over my shoulder as I walk around the house, gently bouncing him and singing to him. He purrs mightily at this treatment. I’m so happy he came to live with me.

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