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Check out the latest issue of KAR Friends. The eNewsletter focuses on relocating with pets, including moving a dog and cat overseas, as well as helpful hints for moving with dogs or moving with cats. Plus we have three great fundraising events to support our furry friends!

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Our special Spring Edition is also available and is full of heartwarming happy tails of cats and dogs who found their happy ever after.

Happy Tail ~ Jack

Jack is a sweet and handsome young man -- a knockout combination. He came into the rescue in April when he was relinquished by his previous owner. His foster mom knew that Jack would be adopted quickly and he was. Today, he is living the good life with a new family and doggy pal. His mom recently sent this update to let us know how he was doing.

"Jack is doing great and has settled in with our family beautifully. In the photo he and Buster (left) just had a bath. The other photo shows where he sleeps every night -- with Ava. He has really taken a liking to her and is her protector. I just wanted to thank you for taking care of Jack during his time of transition. Bless you and hope you are doing well."

Happy Tail ~ Bianca


I wanted to give you an update on Bianca (formerly Callie/Kali), the cat I adopted back in April.

After a pretty rough transition from the rescue (thank you to Abbey for putting her hands at risk), Bianca has settled right in and is doing really great! She's so silly and curious, and likes to play with all her toys. She especially likes to play with her feather wand, which she'll drag across the apartment while screaming and then drop in front of me as a present. Very thoughtful.

She likes to act like she rules the place, but when I wake up in the morning or come back from work, she's so excited to see me and won't leave me alone. She's not a cuddler, but she tolerates it from me, and lets me know when she's had enough by gently raising her paw and pressing down on my hand. So ladylike!

She's hilarious and I think she likes me too. Plus, come on, look at that face! I'm so glad I drove through a snowstorm and sat in a hour-long traffic jam to adopt her. Thank you for not giving up on her and her attitude before I came along!


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