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Meet Poppy

Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie
Special Needs
No Kids
Size: Small
Approx DOB: 9/03/2009
Gender: Female
Color: Sandy Brown
Weight: 4 lbs

Meet Poppy!

When people meet her their first reaction is, "That tongue!" Poppy is an older lady looking for a nice quiet home where she can be loved. She enjoys short walks and doesn't mind being held to finish a walk or go shopping. She likes to wear her fashionable sweater and is timid when meeting new dogs and cats, but has no issue with them - just takes time to not be scared of them.

Poppy has no teeth so her tongue hangs out which gets her lots of attention. The tongue needs a bit of maintenance as does her eye that weeps a bit. She doesn't mind getting her ears or face cleaned. She loves to cuddle in bed or sleep next to you on the couch. We are not sure of Poppy's age but seems to be over 10 and she can see and hear. She is so sweet and loves to meet other people.

Are you her perfect match?

Julie M was her foster parent.

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