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Meet Troy


No Kids
Size: Small
Approx DOB: 1/14/2021
Gender: Male
Color: Tan
Weight: 15

Troy has a troubled past which has led him to display fear aggression and need very specific introductions to new people and new dogs. He will bite out of fear, though he hasn't broken skin.

Troy took about 24 hours to start trusting his foster mom, and about 4 days to start trusting his foster dad. He now adores them both and constantly wants to play, snuggle, or be sleeping near. He loves them so much, that his favorite thing to sleep in is a burrow of their clothes which he drags under the bed and nests into for naps and night time.

Troys enjoys spending time outside and will often just go sit by the door, not because he has to potty, but because he wants to go hang out in the yard. Troy does not quite understand leashes and is learning what they are. He will drag one around but as soon as you pick it up, he freezes and sits down - not sure what's happening. He LOVES having a big fluffy dog bed with a fuzzy blanket on top that he can burrow into.

Because of Troy's fear aggression he is not recommended to be around kids under 10. When he meets new people, it is best for him to be removed from the space they're entering, have them sit down, then bring him in and let him come to them. After about 15 minutes, he seems to be calm enough to walk around normally. If he meets them standing it scares him and he will go after their feet. We are working on building his confidence with this slowly but surely and he's already made great strides in just a month.

Troy needs slow introductions to dogs as well. He will pretend to be dominant but this is a front for fear. If a dominant dog puts him in his place just once, he will happily take second in command. His pitbull foster sister can attest to this, as they have now become buddies who snuggle and play.

Troy's ideal home has someone there a majority of the time and not many visitors and a fenced in yard. He is not a good fit for apartment living as he barks at noises.

Though Troy has his quarks he wants so badly to have a consistent, loving, and structured home that he can depend on. His foster mom will continue to work on rehabilitating him and believes he has all the potential to gain some confidence and kick that fear aggression to the curb.

Hailey K was his foster parent.

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