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Meet Colbie

Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie, Maltese Mix

No Kids
Size: Small
Approx DOB: 3/04/2018
Gender: Female
Color: Cream and red
Weight: 8

I am not looking for your average adopter. I have potential to be an Internet Star. I need someone who can provide me with the wardrobe and camera time to make this happen. Norbert is my hero. My name is Colbie Caillat and I can sing. I have some separation anxiety and when you come home I can hit some high notes. Although small, I probably would not be popular in an apartment with close neighbors. My tongue hangs out the side because I have a severe underbite. It doesn’t stop me from eating or drinking. I have an obsession for the cats. I am not mean but just watch and chase them. I got smacked by one and have a boo boo by my eye. I still watch and sometimes bark at them when they are up on something. All day. Not just 10 minutes. I am pad trained but will also go outside. I would like somebody to play with. Not sure if I want a cat to play with or just chase. Cats are faster than me so not a big issue at foster home. It takes me awhile to warm up to someone but if I pick you I will be your shadow. I don’t warm up to strangers visiting very well so have to let them know that so they don’t take it personal.

Kelly F was her foster parent.

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