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Meet Blondie Blast

Domestic Short Hair - buff Mix
Special Needs
Approx DOB: 4/20/2021
Gender: Male
Special NeedsBlondie Blast is a Special Needs pet with Three-legged boi

Blondie Blast is such a sweet and gentle little boy. He suffered an accident and had to have his leg amputated (back leg), but he’s already learned to navigate the seas with his new equipment. He hasn’t really encountered stairs yet or managed to climb up onto anything, but I’m sure he will eventually figure it out. That being said, his ideal home (currently) would not have stairs he has to navigate to reach any of his essentials. He loves to play and get lovins as much as possible! What Blondie is really looking for is a stand-in for his right back leg, to give him all the ear/neck scratches he desires!

Michelle Y was his foster parent.

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