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Meet Judy Sea Biscuit

Labrador Retriever Mix

Size: Large
Approx DOB: 11/13/2021
Gender: Female
Color: Black
Weight: 30 lbs

Judy Sea Biscuit is a puppy and puppies are gonna puppy! She is currently about 25lbs of furry chaos - chewing and playing with anything she can get her mouth on. She enjoys palling around with her medium-sized foster dog sister and currently, they are a well-paired wrestling match.

Judy is in a house with cats, whom she is mostly fine with but she does occasionally chase. She could use a kitty who wants to remind her she’s not in charge! I do not trust her unsupervised around our foster kittens but that's due to her size and lack of interest in abiding by the word "no" at the moment (although she’s starting to get better). Judy has also exhibited some signs of minor food guarding with another foster puppy I had, but I haven’t seen it with any of our other animals!

She gets very excited to see her people and jumps up and play-bites on occasion due to overstimulation/excitement. It is the #1 thing we are working on. That being said, I don’t feel that small children would be a fit because she has knocked my 7-year-old over on a few occasions when she greets her.

Judy is quite intimidated by new opportunities but with time and patience she is warming up to adventuring outside of her comfort zone! She’s still pretty unsure of riding in the car (has nervously pooped and/or thrown up) but I have found she enjoys riding shotgun! Since I’ve made that discovery, our last couple of rides have been mess-free.

On to the lovely things about Judy.. she's absolutely wonderful!! She’s extremely affectionate/cuddly and does like approval, especially when it’s rewarded with treats! She’s always up for a walk and has quite the endurance. I would recommend a fenced-in yard but a tie-out would work fine when she needs to do her business. There have been a couple of occasions she wanted to get a head start on our walks… My vision of the perfect forever home includes lots of attention, continuous training, and a family with either no kids or older kids to show her the best of life!

Bottom line if you want to adopt Judy: she’s going to get big and she needs to learn her manners and needs a lot of exercise and attention to be her best self!

Michelle Y was her foster parent.

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