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Meet Minnie

Labrador Retriever Mix

Size: Medium
Approx DOB: 11/13/2021
Gender: Female
Color: Black
Weight: 27.8

Minnie is a typical puppy! She is sweet, friendly, high energy, and wants to please! Her mom was a purebred lab, and her dad is unknown. She is large for her age, as are her siblings, so we think dad was a large breed as well.

Minnie will require an owner who wants to continue training as this girl is smart and ready to work. Food is her favorite making it a great motivator for learning new tricks, as well as good behavior. She is strong-willed and will benefit from a strong pack leader.

Minnie loves her teddy bear and duckie toys, and to play in general! When she's all played out, she loves to have a good cuddle session. She likes cats and dogs and is currently in a foster home with both. Minnie is vocal in play and general, so would do best in a house with a yard - no apartments or condos.

If you want this wonderful baby in your life, put in an application today!

Laura S was her foster parent.

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