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Meet Somersault

Chihuahua, Terrier Mix

No Kids
Size: Small
Approx DOB: 12/12/2022
Gender: Male
Color: Tan
Weight: 5

Somersault earned his name with his goofy gymnastics he does when he gets very excited (which is full-time when he’s with his favorite humans). Like a lot of small breeds, he loves his comfort zones and is a little reserved with anything new. Good news is, he always warms up if you give him a little grace! He loves snuggling, jumping, throwing his toys around and entertaining his people. His tongue is like an anteater and you need to experience his kisses because they’re unlike any other pups that I’ve received! Somersault is not fully potty-trained because he traveled here from Texas and was quite thrown with the extreme weather we were having. Things are on the up and up now and he is starting to become pretty consistent with it! He loves kiddos but I would recommend older children only because he is still figuring out “gentle” when taking treats or toys. With some delicious treats, patience and some love, he can easily be trained into an even more perfect companion. I’m also looking for an adopter who’s home quite frequently as he is very people-oriented! A home with another dog should be fine but he needs adequate time to form a friendship. Somersault currently lives in a house with cats and he can be a pest, but he listens when he’s taught a lesson!

Michelle Y was his foster parent.

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