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Meet Pumpkin

Chihuahua Mix
Special Needs
Size: Small
Approx DOB: 6/23/2015
Gender: Female
Color: White and Cream
Weight: 10 lbs
Special NeedsPumpkin is a Special Needs pet with Stg 1 heart failure. Needs medication. Joint and back pain.

Hi my name is Pumpkin. But you can call me Precious Punkin - everyone else does. The doctors say I'm a bit overweight. I just think that means there's more of me to love. I like short walks and I love belly rubs and head scratches! I prefer to be curled up by my person, but I also like to burrow under a blanket and hang out in my crate. Sometimes I get the zoomies and then I like small plush toys to toss around.

I am very food motivated. Did I mention my weight? Anyway they say it's causing stage 1 heart failure which should be manageable...if I take some meds and keep to a strict diet. My weight also aggravates my patellar luxation which is in both hind legs. I'd still rather have my treats!

My dream home has a playmate like a middle age dog or a small human that could help me play more. But I really just want someone who loves me!

John S was her foster parent.

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