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Meet Sweet D

Labrador Retriever, Husky Mix

Size: Medium
Approx DOB: 1/30/2023
Gender: Female
Color: Blondie with white streak on nose
Weight: 13lb

Sweet D's name wasn't even a choice. We just organically started calling her that because that's who she is. Her full name is Deandra but that's reserved for teaching moments or naughty moments! D is a lover of all the species. She's been fostered in a home with her brother, our personal dog, a kid and cats (one is a special needs boy and she's been very respectful of his boundaries)! She loves to give kisses and cuddles and she just wants to meet and say hello to anyone who might be out and about in our neighborhood. Deandra is still working on potty training but we have the foundation set, it's just whether you notice her queues in a timely manner to get her outside to go! Deandra is very respectful of food with humans. She has shown some aggression if there are any furry bystanders around. Treats are not an issue nor is any food that isnt supposed to be hers. This behavior can easily be managed with training, time and consistency. I have no doubts she will figure out what’s expected if her in her new home since she’s already improved here! If you’re in the market for a very smart, eager to please, loving and loyal pup, look no further! Sweet D knows how to charm her way into everyone’s hearts. She’s been an absolute joy to share our home with! Please reach out if you’d like more information on this gal or would like to set up a meet and greet.

Michelle Y was her foster parent.

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