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Meet Freya

German Shepherd Dog, Husky Mix

Size: Medium
Approx DOB: 9/11/2021
Gender: Female
Color: Black/cream/tan
Weight: 61

Freya is a very sweet and loving girl. She wants nothing more than to follow you around, sit in your lap, and give you kisses. Freya is potty trained, crate trained (does not chew), and has no problems eating around other animals. Freya loves playing ball, frisbee, or crewing a stick. Freya loves playing with big dogs, little dogs, cats, or even kids. Freya was abused by previous owners and is hand shy(at first). Freya settled into our routine within 3 days. She wants the pack to be happy. Praise, food, and toy motivated. Freya knows sit, come, and loves walking on leash(not a puller). Freya just needs someone who wants a friend. Shepherds and Huskies are active breed. Freya needs mental and physical stimulation every day. 6 ft fenced yard or electric fence needed!

Laura S was her foster parent.

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