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Meet Oswald

Terrier, Border Collie Mix

No Cats
Size: Medium
Approx DOB: 3/20/2021
Gender: Male
Color: White
Weight: 36.5

Oswald aka Ozzie, KAR’s 2.5 year old border collie mix is ready for adoption! And how can you resist those ears and that face?
He would be the ideal sidekick for anyone looking for an active companion to go on walks, hikes, and adventures with. Then come home to a good comfy snuggle spot at the end of the day (disclaimer: he likes couches and pillows).
Oswald is treat motivated, crate trained, and knows basic commands like sit, down, off. In his foster home he continued work on his house manners and obedience training. He would need a committed owner to continue this work.
Sweet and friendly with all humans, he also got along well with the resident male dog in his foster home. However, given his prey drive cats in the home are a NO! Oswald likes to be first, always in the mix, and can be selfish with attention and resources (he currently has quite the collection of stuffed “babies”). While he doesn’t necessarily need to be the only dog in the home, he would need a meet and greet to match with potential dog siblings. He does do well playing with dogs socially, but is quite vocal when playing with dogs or humans and receiving affection.
There is a lot of personality packed into his 36 pounds. True to breed, Oswald is fiercely loyal, smart, tenacious, always alert and ever vigilant and so he will need a strong, experienced pack leader.
Oswald is not an apartment dog, or a couch potato, he is an endearing whirlwind of a pup who will need an active and committed adopter able to provide plenty of physical activity, continued training, and mental stimulation daily. If this sounds like the perfect match for you please apply!

Emily Z was his foster parent.

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