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Meet Onyx

German Shepherd Dog
Special Needs
No Kids
Size: Large
Approx DOB: 6/21/2019
Gender: Female
Color: Black
Weight: 75.0
Special NeedsOnyx is a Special Needs pet with Lymes positive

Onyx is a sweet and fun girl who needs someone that has experience with Shepherds. We are working on manners and implementing a schedule for Onxy. Onyx is a large, smart, and playful. To the inexperienced owner she would come off as aggressive. She is far from it, she needs boundaries and attention. There is not a mean bone in her body. Onyx is in a pack with two other Shepherds, Pomsky, and a chihuahua. We know who rules…right? Chihuahua!

Laura S was her foster parent.

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