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Meet Cheesecake

Domestic Short Hair - orange and white Mix

Approx DOB: 7/17/2020
Gender: Male

Are you looking to add a new loyal and loving companion in your life? Meet Cheesecake, a 3 year old sweetheart with more love to give than Cupid himself. Cheesecake's story with us starts when his foster daddy was out for a walk outside of town one day and spotted him alone in a field. It would turn out that this poor guy had been spotted out there for weeks on his own. From the very beginning, his foster family has known there was something different about Cheesecake. This cat was not a forgotten feral stray, but became homeless as a result from a reasonably suspected dumping incident. He immediately opened up to us and showered us in all his affection and gratitude and continues to do so every day. He is a happy boy who loves to partake in meal times with you and dance around his water bowl when he goes for a drink. All he needs now is a place he can call his forever home.

Rebecca K was his foster parent.

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