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Meet zack

Domestic Short Hair, Tiger Mix
Special Needs
Approx DOB: 3/01/2021
Gender: Male
Special Needszack is a Special Needs pet with Leg amputated, 3 Legs

Zack is a young 3 leg guy who started as semi feral cat who was Trapped, neutered and returned to behind a restaurant he called home. He was fed daily by the restaurant staff and cared for. Soon after unfortunately he was hit by a car causing him to lose his back right leg. He could not go back outside so he came to the his foster. He has taken to the indoor life and is thriving however he would love a forever home with one or two kitty pals. He does well with stairs however he can jump much higher. He uses the litter box with no issues. He can be a bit shy but warms up quickly. He loves cat nip and wet food.

James S was his foster parent.

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