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Meet Freddie

Pomeranian Mix

No Kids
Size: Small
Approx DOB: 1/30/2021
Gender: Male
Color: Blonde and white
Weight: 20lbs

When Freddie first came to KAR, he was a little ball of anxiety. He hid under beds and tables to make a safe “cave” for himself. In his time with his foster, he has really come out of his shell. Now, Freddie is eager to climb in his foster’s lap for scratches, which he’d love to have all day if he could. He still likes a den—in fact, he’s more likely to sleep under your bed than on it with you. Freddie also gets bursts of silly “puppy clumsy” energy where he zooms around and looks like he’s moving too fast for his body. Freddie isn’t fond of being alone so he prefers a home where he can have his human around for company most of the time and maybe even a fur friend to show him the ropes and teach him manners. He sometimes relies on his foster sibling, Pumpkin, to help him decide when new people are safe. Freddie is potty trained and initially had occasional accidents, which has almost entirely stopped unless he’s left alone. So a crate is probably the way to go until he masters that skill completely.

John S was his foster parent.

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