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Meet Oscar

Shih Tzu

No Kids
Size: Small
Approx DOB: 7/07/2023
Gender: Male
Color: Black and white
Weight: 10 lb

Oscar is a sweet pup that LOVES attention, being your little sidekick and playing fetch. He's a snuggle bug that is easily won over by belly scratches. He's still working on potty training but does well if you are consistent- in other words he won't tell you when he needs to go outside to potty. He does great with cats and other small dogs, but does best with female dogs as he does think he's the man of the house (has not been tested with large breed dogs nor has he been tested with children.) Since oscar is so small I feel he would do best in a home with a low energy family. He does well with being crated at night and when you leave and I recommend he remains crate trained in his new home in order to continue working on housebreaking him. He needs a family who will invest in regular grooming appointments. Oscar would benefit from the enrichment and stimulation of doggy day camp or training classes. All and all Oscar is an absolute DOLL and a joy to have around.

Kayla Y was his foster parent.

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