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Meet Missy

Coton de Tulear

Size: Small
Approx DOB: 3/18/2016
Gender: Female
Color: White

Meet Missy! Missy is an 8 year old little lady who has had a rough start to life. She was born to a breeding mill where she spent her first 7 1/2 years pumping out litters until she was finally retired and surrendered to a shelter. She was quickly adopted, but given her history of practically zero pleasant human interactions, outside time and training, she had NO idea what was going on, or that humans can be good and that being outside is okay. Due to her entire life being spent with few opportunities to live life as a dog, she was truly set up to fail when she first entered the world. However, she made her way here and through the hard work and dedication of her foster, she has made huge improvements and is finally acting like a healthy, socialized, happy dog! She still has some moments of uncertainty, but for the most part she is confident and comfortable now. Prior to coming to her foster home she had little to no experience going potty outside, so house breaking is still a work in progress. But she is learning and she relies heavily on a consistent schedule to keep her on track with outside pottying. She LOVESSSS toys and loves playing - many retired breeders tend to revert back to their fun, playful puppy mindset when they leave the kennels and this so very true with Missy Moo. She also loves her people and very much is a snuggler. Missy gets along great with cats, dogs and I believe she will be great with children as well. She requires a privacy fenced backyard as well as another dog in the home because she relies heavily on other dogs to show her things are okay. Missy requires regular grooming appointments but she does absolutely perfect at the groomers. She is a bit of a flight risk still when outside and it's important she is always kept on a harness and leash when exploring outside of her fenced in backyard. Missy is such a light to this world and she is absolutely the sweetest dog ever. Rescuing a retired mill breeder is a task that requires patience, but once you see the lights click on in her eyes the day she realizes youre good and you're her new family you will feel such an overwhelming amount of happiness. She needs a family that understands what her prior life packed and is willing to go the extra mile to give her the second chance she deserves. If this sounds like you, please apply today.

Kayla Y was her foster parent.

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