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Meet Phoebe and Bailey

Calico, Domestic Short Hair Mix
No Dogs
Approx DOB: 9/11/2015
Gender: Female

Phoebe is a sweet little kitty with a larger kitty sister, Bailey. Phoebe loves to snuggle with her head lower than her body, she gives hugs if you hold her upright, and her ready purr sounds like a loud muscle car! Phoebe avoids our Dachshund/Rottweiler mix, but she does not seem very much bothered by the dog and has been seen relaxing in the same room. Phoebe is definitely a lap cat, and she seeks out attention for cuddles.

Phoebe's front paws are declawed but she still has her back claws.

Phoebe has a funny bumbling gait and sometimes lolls around with her tongue out. You'll never lack for entertainment when she is around!

Dan W was her foster parent.

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