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Meet Tinsley

Great Pyrenees, Saint Bernard Mix

Size: Extra-Large
Approx DOB: 1/02/2024
Gender: Female
Color: Brown&White

Tinsley is a Great Pyrenees, Saint Bernard, Husky mix. Before considering adoption, please do some research on their breed and the care and grooming that is involved. Tinsley is a sweet but dominant little girl that is eager to please and is quick to learn what you want her to do. She is crate trained but the husky side of her shows that when she wants out to go potty or is ready to wake up, she is still being potty trained and will have an accidents. As long as keep her on a schedule, she learns quickly. She does well with other dogs and cats. She has met kids and does really well with them as well. she is very playful and loves to eat, but she is also a big cuddler and wants to be your best friend.

Heather D was her foster parent.

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