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Meet Bella

Pit Bull Terrier

Size: Medium
Approx DOB: 3/15/2022
Gender: Female
Color: White and Brown
Weight: 52 lbs

Meet Bella! Bella came to KAR through Kalamazoo County Animal Service as a stray. Bella was skinny after having puppies and was not doing well in the kennel. Alongside another rescue, KAR worked to get Bella into a foster home where she was able to receive some nutrition after being a dynamite mom to her pups. Bella has been around a family with kids, cats and other dogs. She would do perfectly well in a home with kids and cats. She would do better with a male dog than a female dog. does this cute lip sucking thing (like in the first picture) when she is happy or excited! Things Bella is great at: 1. Loving! She was a great mom and wants to be around her people. Driving, playing, sleeping, whatever it is, Bella wants to be there with you. 2. Playing! Sticks are her favorite, she loves to collect these on walks. 3. Kids! This girl was meant for a family with kids or who have frequent kid visitors. She is still working on knowing her strength but loves to follow kids around and lick them. 4. Bella is very treat driven and is very easily trainable. Bella is working on: 1. Walking on a leash without pulling. She still has some puppy energy and gets so excited to go outside. 2. Taking treats gently and releasing toys when playing. She probably never got a lot of treats or food to herself so she likes to play and is eager for a treat.

Tracy A was her foster parent.

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