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Meet Goose

Domestic Short Hair, Tabby - Brown Mix

Approx DOB: 1/20/2020
Gender: Male

If you are looking for a little gentleman that is so sweet and cuddly, then Goose is your guy! Goose is a very playful 2 year old cat who enjoys chasing and running around the house, but will love on his humans ALL DAY LONG!! He loves following you around the house just to see what you are up to and so he can be a part of it. He is a pretty quiet cat and only speaks when he has something to say! His foster mom has two adult cats at home. Goose was pretty unsure of them at first, but eventually they all warmed up and are best buddies! He will play with his one foster brother (the little gray one in the pictures) all day and his other foster brother doesn't like anyone but will be spotted cleaning Goose (Goose is so great even a grumpy fat cat loves him!) He enjoys sleeping on the bed and will lay by your side all night if you let him. He does have his claws, but has been good with using them, especially if he has toys and a scratching post. Goose is a little slow to warm when he first came home, but once he knew he was safe and loved, he opened right up and has been an absolute joy! If you are interested in learning more about Goose, put in an application so you can meet him! You won't regret it!

Ashlen R was his foster parent.

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