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Meet Sierra

Domestic Short Hair - gray and white Mix
Housed at Kitty Camp
Approx DOB: 3/28/2022
Gender: Female

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Housed at Kitty Camp Meet Sierra at 4669 Executive Drive.

Sierra has been a lovely companion and mother to her 4 rowdy babies! She came to the rescue as a stray with a bad bite wound from either a coyote or a dog but has since recovered! She currently resides in a home with her 4 rowdy kittens, a dog, foster puppies, and a few other cats. While she’s not a fan of the puppies in her face, she seems to not be too bothered by their presence if they leave her be. Our cats haven’t really introduced themselves yet, so I’m not sure how long of a warmup period she would need when meeting another adult feline. Meow is always keeping a watchful eye since she’s still mothering but I feel like she would adapt to most situations despite being bitten. She loves cuddles, pets and catnip! I haven’t seen a super playful side yet but I also feel that’s waiting to come out when her responsibilities are fulfilled! Please reach out with any questions you might have or to schedule a meet and greet with this awesome girl!

KAR Office is her foster parent. The adoption fee for Sierra is $70. If more than one cat or kitten is adopted the adoption fees are discounted, please complete our online application form if you are interested in adopting Sierra. A volunteer will contact you within approximately 48-72 hours.

All Kalamazoo Animal Rescue cats & kittens are spayed or neutered and feline leukemia tested prior to adoption. They also are given medication to rid them of roundworms and checked and treated for fleas & ear mites, if needed. All are given distemper vaccinations and depending on how long the pet has been in foster care, a booster vaccine may be necessary after adoption which will be the responsibility of the adopter. Additional vet care may have been provided depending on the particular animal's needs. Most cats and kittens are microchipped when they are spayed or neutered.

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