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Meet Millie

Domestic Short Hair, Dilute Calico Mix

Approx DOB: 9/20/2019
Gender: Female

Meet Millie! She has been in the rescue for a year, overlooking because she is not very fond of other cat. She will coexist with them as long as they don’t get in her face. (Relatable? Yes.)

Millie loves to sit in your lap, sleep in her blankets , play a little and chill a lot. It is unclear how she is with dogs as she has not been properly introduced to them at this time.

Are you looking for a friend to snuggle up and watch movies with? Want a pal to build forts for? Need a snuggle buddy that doubles as a lap warmer? Millie might be your girl! She lives at the KAR office, so you could stop by and meet her during open hours (Mon 2-7, Tue 11-4, or Fri 12-7). Please come on in!!

KAR Office was her foster parent.

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