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Meet Lucy Liu

Domestic Short Hair, Tabby - Grey Mix

Approx DOB: 3/29/2022
Gender: Female

This girl... Lucy Liu is SO sweet! I don't even know where to begin with how much I will miss her purrs & snuggles! First let me get the least important thing out, but cute... Lucy Liu has the cutest pink & black toe beans AND a few of her toes have white fur on them which is super cute! I have more videos of her & her siblings. She is just such a great snuggler and is almost always down for snuggles. She's a bit of a peanut as in she's sweet & dainty. Lucy loves playing with little fur ball toys, carrying them in her mouth is always cute! She plays great by herself & with other kitties & with her people. Lucy Liu has spent her entire 2 months of life with a big dog & 4 cats, not to mention her brother Quentin and sister, Lucy Liu. She also has had children come over to play with her.

Timi W was her foster parent.

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