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Meet Toto the Kitten Elf

Domestic Short Hair-gray Mix

Approx DOB: 8/01/2022
Gender: Female

Toto is a spunky little girl who has been introduced to the Churu world (cat treats), and she's requested her future adopters to continue this daily tradition! She loves horsing around with her littermates and just really loves the witching hour to be her silly self. She loves scaling the clothes in the closet and running from wall to wall at top speed. She's got an excellent set of brakes and her purr-engine can run loud at times! Toto would love for you to consider adopting her sister, Momo, or her Momma, Nanny, as she finds life so much more enjoyable with a friend. She would fit seamlessly with most loving families, so fill out your app today on this lovely little being!

Michelle Y was her foster parent.

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