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Tabby - Brown Mix
Special Needs Housed at Kitty Camp
No Cats
Approx DOB: 7/09/2022
Gender: Male

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Housed at Kitty Camp Meet Venus at 4669 Executive Drive.

Special NeedsVenus is a Special Needs pet with FELV+

Hi Everyone - please meet Venus! Venus is a super friendly, super active, super playful, and super cute little guy who is looking for his forever home. He loves to play, he loves to be petted and snuggled, and he even likes to play with all the dogs that he meets - but mostly he is just BUSY!!!. Sounds like the perfect cat huh ? Unfortunately, there is just one caveat - Venus' in house SNAP test was positive for feline leukemia. We followed up with an IFA test where blood was sent to a lab and he tested negative. What does this mean? It means that he is currently a carrier for the disease and he is not sick. He will need follow up IFA tests and if he continues to be negative he could live to be 15 plus years! There is a slim possibility that he could eventually test negative altogether if his immune system can fight it off. We just don't know how this is going to go for him but for right now he just wants to live his best life. We are looking for that special home that will take him home and love him for however long he has to live, but please note that its probably best if he is your one and only because Feline Leukemia is contageous to other cats should he finally get it. We chatted with him a little about it and he says he would be perfectly happy being your one and only!! The median lifespan is 2.5 years so even if he does get it, he likely has plenty of time left to give his new mom or dad lots of love! Venus resides at our shelter at 4669 Executive Drive, in Portage. Our open shelter hours are posted on our website. Stop by and meet him! This little guy is a staff favorite and wants nothing more than a forever home so if you think you would be interested in giving him just that, please fill out an application - he won't disappoint you!

KAR Office is his foster parent. The adoption fee for Venus is $70. If more than one cat or kitten is adopted the adoption fees are discounted, please complete our online application form if you are interested in adopting Venus. A volunteer will contact you within approximately 48-72 hours.

All Kalamazoo Animal Rescue cats & kittens are spayed or neutered and feline leukemia tested prior to adoption. They also are given medication to rid them of roundworms and checked and treated for fleas & ear mites, if needed. All are given distemper vaccinations and depending on how long the pet has been in foster care, a booster vaccine may be necessary after adoption which will be the responsibility of the adopter. Additional vet care may have been provided depending on the particular animal's needs. Most cats and kittens are microchipped when they are spayed or neutered.

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