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Meet Hot Tonya

Calico Mix

Approx DOB: 9/19/2022
Gender: Female

Hot Tonya is her own brand. She came to me as a bottle kitten and we immediately knew she had a lot of opinions, a lot of sass but a lot of love to give too. She remains exactly the same today. I would say Hot Tonya is 89% sweet as pie but don't get too comfortable because her favorite game is "surprise slaps." She also likes to show her affection with an occasional love bite too! If you know calicos, she's the truest form. She's incredibly easy going when it comes to friends. She likes puppies, dogs, kittens, cats and all the humans! If you are afraid of being mistaken as a tree or want a kitten whos very gentle, than she might not be your gal. Otherwise, put your apps in today! This little spicy gal will fulfill your need for a furry companion. She's absolutely my favorite foster kitten to date!!

Michelle Y was her foster parent.

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