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Meet Collin

Domestic Short Hair - buff, Domestic Short Hair - buff Mix
Special Needs
Approx DOB: 2/20/2023
Gender: Male
Special NeedsCollin is a Special Needs pet with One Eye

This litter of fosters is amazing! I think you can pick them all out of the line up;-) Collin is just a little more special in that he had to have his left eye removed as soon as he got to the shelter due to a severe eye infection. He has NO IDEA that he has a disability!! He is just as playful and happy as his 4 brothers! All 5 boys are just sweet as can be, all cuddlers and all have amazing PPPUUURRRSSSS!!!! They all posed for their profiles with their cute little bow ties on. Afterwards, I have the sweetest picture ever of them all passed out on my lap:-) I believe they all would do well with other pets and with children. My three adult cats were good on day two with these frisky little dare devils! They haven't had any accidents. They are all fixed and ready! Because they are so young, they would still require a vaccination or two to be good for a year without a routine visit.

KArnold was his foster parent.

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