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Meet Portia

Domestic Short Hair - gray and white Mix
Special Needs
Approx DOB: 3/18/2023
Gender: Female
Special NeedsPortia is a Special Needs pet with FIV+

Portia and her 2 siblings had a rough start to the short life. They were scared babies, and it took a lot of handling and love to get them to the sweet babies they are now. Portia is energetic, playful and can be a lovable lap kitty. Sometimes a quick grab at her to pick her up scares her, but once she is on your lap is nothing but purring, affectionate body rubs and needing. She loves chasing the little moving lights. Her forever home family would need to remember her start to life and get her the love and support she deserves. She is used to small dogs and adult cats.

Bonnie G was her foster parent.

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