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Meet Doxepin (Dox)

Domestic Short Hair-black Mix

No Dogs
Approx DOB: 4/15/2023
Gender: Male

Meet Doxepin (Dox)! He is a very sweet but a very shy and cautious boy. We have been so proud of how he has been able to come out of his shy little shell as we have gotten to know him! He starts out being pretty shy around new people but once he knows you will give him pets and belly rubs, he is your new BFF. He does tend to be a little jumpy around quick movements or sudden loud sounds so we don't think a home with a dog would be a good match for him, but we think he will adjust well to little ones in the home and then love on them. He loves to play with his sister/foster brothers, lay on cozy blankets, and carry his favorite toy around the house. He is a very cuddly boy and will sleep with us at night. Careful though, he loves attacking toes under a blanket! Anyone would be so lucky to have him in their home so feel free to put in an application today to come and meet this sweet sweet man :)

Ashlen R was his foster parent.

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